Hi everyone, my name is AC3 Zaknoen, I joined the Navy to become a SEAL and at MEPS I picked my rate (AC) and told them I was interest in SO, they set me up with a mentor who received my paperwork a few days later and told me I was disqualified because my vision was 20/200. My 2 year mark to rerate is December of 2019. Just today I found out I’m approved and qualify for either PRK or LASIK. I was wondering if anyone can tell me which one they would recommend and which one is better for the SEAL program. I was told by my mentor that if you’re already a SEAL you can get either but if you’re trying to join the program you can only get PRK. Obviously this is very important to me to not get DQ’d because I got the wrong surgery. I look forward to hearing back with answers, thanks everyone!