Manual of the Medical Department

Questions about medical procedures?
Go to, scroll down to MANMED Change 126 (pages 51-112) and download the document. The pertinent section is Article 15-105 Naval Special Warfare and Special Operations.
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Corrected Vision Question

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  • Corrected Vision Question


    I had a question regarding corrected vision.
    The requirements are stated to be as follows:
    • Meet specific eyesight requirements: 20/40 best eye; 20/70 worst eye; correctable to 20/25 with no color blindness
    If one were to not have 20/40 best eye and 20/70 worst eye but were able to corrected to 20/20, would they still qualify?
    I do not understand the point of even mentioned that one must have 20/40 best and 20/70 worst.
    Wouldn't it be easier to say that all applicant must have at least 20/25, whether it be corrected or uncorrected?
    Hopefully someone can help me understand these requirements.

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    The answer is yes. Anyone with eyesight outside of the 20/40 and 20/70 standard would be disqualified, regardless of their ability to correct to 20/25 with lenses.
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      No trying to be rude, but think about it. If your vision is something like 20/125 worst eye and 20/80 best eye and you lose your glasses or contacts say at BUD/s during the rifle stuff, then you can't see ****.. but if your vision is 20/70 worst eye and 20/40 best eye and you lose your glasses or contacts then you can still see well enough to shoot or do whatever task that you need to do. Basically you must meet a minimum vision requirement in order to qualify. I also have vision problems so this is my best guess. Hope this helps!
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