Manual of the Medical Department

Questions about medical procedures?
Go to, scroll down to MANMED Change 126 (pages 51-112) and download the document. The pertinent section is Article 15-105 Naval Special Warfare and Special Operations.
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Denied by BUMED

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  • Denied by BUMED

    Hey, first post onto the forums and I was wondering if anyone can help me.

    I have been trying to enlist in the navy since May of this year. My case went past MEPS and into BUMED where I was denied for a combination of a recent concussion and Ehlors Danlos (sp?). Since my rejection I have seen a geneticist who's specialty is Ehlors Danlos. She basically looked at me for 15 minutes, laughed, and said I was misdiagnosed as a child. As far as my concussion goes, I have had a sports medicine specialist follow me from day of injury (back in January) to being cleared of all symptoms; she even took the time to note that it won't affect me in any way in the future.

    I have been trying to resubmit these new medical findings since August. My recruiter says that he can't help me because I was denied and that it isn't a simple process since BUMED is involved. I was basically left in the dark with no direction and nothing medically wrong with me to boot. Can anyone on here tell me for sure how to get my papers reevaluated, preferably someone that wouldn't mind explaining it to my recruiter? Even if you can just give me some contact information of someone to talk to that MIGHT know what to do that would be great.

    Thank you!!

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    Re: Denied by BUMED

    Yeah it sucks. My med documents where bumed due to my past heart conditions and regardless of how many doctors and specialist wrote off on my records saying i was cleared of any medical conditons that hinders my physical abilities i got denied and have been unable to track down any other options or someone who can provide useful information. this was back in late april when my records where sent to meps.


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      Re: Denied by BUMED

      Since it is a genetic condition, you could simply be tested. There are six protein two enzyme mutations that comprise the range of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. If you don't have the mutations, then you don't have the syndrome. However, because Ehlers-Danlos can manifest in mild forms, a visual assessment is unlikely to be conclusive. If you have documentation showing that none of these mutations are present, then I'd say you have a pretty good case to take to BUMED. However, if genetic screening comes back positive for one or more mutations, I would guess you'd have little chance with any kind of appeal. EDS (even an apparently non-expressing form) carries a risk of cardio-pulmonary malfunction, which is high on the list of disqualifying conditions (or potential conditions).
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        Re: Denied by BUMED

        Originally posted by fizyxnrd View Post
        Since it is a genetic condition, you could simply be tested. There are six protein two enzyme mutations that comprise the range of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. If you don't have the mutations, then you don't have the syndrome.
        I had no family history and no traits of it when i went to see the geneticist recently. Honestly my flexibility isn't that good haha. She said it wasn't even worth it to be tested due to the fact of no family history and my flexibility (on the chart i scored a 0 out of 10, 10 being more likely to have ehlers-danlos). I have about a seven page documentation from her.

        My question is resubmitting it though fizy. what is the proper way to resubmit it? I've given all my paperwork to my recruiter who has taken it to MEPS. MEPS refuses to process it or won't send it to BUMED or something (I've been getting the run-around from my recruiter).


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          Re: Denied by BUMED

          That's a good question. I'm just some guy, and I don't know the ins and outs of the BUMED process. Hopefully an admin can clear this up for you. Try sending them a PM.
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            Re: Denied by BUMED


            I don't know how many times I am going to have to tell you guys this, but, here I go again.

            Waivers are used by the navy (not a secret group, or an outside agency that can overturn the navy's decision) only when conditions warrant a second look ,or in the case of program waiver - to help a program (ie SEALs) get healthier.

            There is no guarantee, or expectation that a waiver will be or should be granted. The MEPS, follows the navy's instructions which tell them all what to do in every situation.

            Your recruiter plays no part in any of this. His only job is to do your paperwork and to submit it for you to MEPS. MEPS will them follow the guidelines outline by every service and makes a determination for each case (person). You are either:

            1) Qualified
            2) Disqualified- Waiver recommended - No waiver recommended
            3) PDQ - Permanently Disqualified

            It does not matter what any doctor outside says. If the MEPS doctors say you have something wrong, guess what? You do! The only opinion that matters is his opinion because his only interest is the MILITARY's well being and not his pockets by writing something on paper that might make an individual who was disqualified earlier be qualified now.


            Applicant "A" has condition "D”. He gets disqualified and with the help of his friendly family doctor "poof” he no longer has "D". Well he joins the military and after 6 mos the condition returns. Now he can't do his job or any other job for that matter so the military separates him. But, since now the condition was while he was in the service now he get $ of money every month for the rest of his life. And this is just one guy. Now our military is made up of over 1,0000,0000 people. Imagine what the cost to the military would be if the MEPS doctors listen to what civilian doctors had to say?

            There are some cases where they do listen. However, you should know what your case is. If the doctor at MEPS takes a look at your stuff and says no again, then guess what? This is not for you. I hate to by blunt, but I just don't what anyone sitting around thinking that they have the answer and they are going to beat this or WIN this when they could be doing something else.

            We do not want you to get injured, hurt someone else, or waste your time just because you think that you can make it in the military. It is the doctors at MEPS job to say if you do or do not.

            I hope this answers your questions.

            Best of luck!

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