Many of you have questions about your past or present physical or mental condition, and whether it disqualifies you from applying to the SEAL or SWCC program.

In most cases, only a military doctor at your local MEPS station can tell you with certainty, but the first thing you should do BEFORE you post your question is refer to the Manual of the Medical Department (MANMED 2012), which can be found on this website under the Downloads section: [ ].

The entire chapter regarding medical entry exams and standards for admittance is available as a free, downloadable PDF. Chapter 15-105 covers special operations duty standards, but ancillary instructions are covered in the rest of the chapter. Please review it thoroughly before you ask a question.

While you may ask other Forum users about their experiences with medical issues, remember, no one here is a doctor and you shouldn't accept medical advice over the Internet without a grain of salt. Always get an examination and keep copies of your medical records.