Manual of the Medical Department

Questions about medical procedures?
Go to, scroll down to MANMED Change 126 (pages 51-112) and download the document. The pertinent section is Article 15-105 Naval Special Warfare and Special Operations.
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Endocrine and Metabolic MANMED Change 126 (pages 51-112)

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  • Endocrine and Metabolic MANMED Change 126 (pages 51-112)

    I have a question under the endocrine and metabolic section on page 15-88 in the MANMED Change 126 (pages 51-112). I have a small case of
    hypothyroidism and I take a medication for it daily.

    Now I know this might be a obvious question to some and for that I am sorry but will this disqualify me.

    I been looking all over the internet and even a recuriter didnt know the answer when I asked him. I been hearing no and yes can someone confirm this for me please

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    I had/have same problem(Can't find answer). I have low testosterone and my doctor doesn't know if its from my thyroid or what. My T-Levels were 225 ng/dL at 17 which is very low for someone my age. My doctor wants me to wait to see if it will go up but hopefully I wont need to take medicine/shots daily/weekly.