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Go to, scroll down to MANMED Change 126 (pages 51-112) and download the document. The pertinent section is Article 15-105 Naval Special Warfare and Special Operations.
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Dual Citizenship in a tough spot

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  • Dual Citizenship in a tough spot

    So basically I want to become a Swcc and I have a couple of big issues and the biggest one isn't allowing me to even take the first step into this journey. I'm a Korean-American and currently holding a dual citizenship. There is a bogus law in Korea that basically doesn't allow a citizen to renounce their citizenship once they pass 18 years of age. My father tried to renounce it before I turned 18, but there was another fine print detail that 90% of the citizens don't know which basically says you have to give up your citizenship before march of your 18th year. My father went to the embassy sometime during may right before I turned 18 and they basically told him they can't help me. Right now I'm 19 and turning 20 in December and till now I haven't been able to follow this dream of mine. I'm wondering if the admins know of cases like mine and if people were able to somehow get around this issue. I've heard that if I can get a official letter from someone in the higher ranks to the Korean government that I may be able to get a exemption around this law. I really need help as I am so determined to become a swcc. After I wasn't able to give up my citizenship my parents convinced me to just go to a University and have a regular job and I agreed. However, right after graduation I told my parents that I'm going to become a swcc no matter what and that if I have to, I'll finish my stupid 2 years in the Korean military and join the US navy, but I really really don't want to do that and if I have no other choice that's how determined I am to get a shot at becoming a swcc. Any helpful tips or stories of similar situations would be appreciated and if one of the admins can comment I would be blessed. Thanks in advance guys.

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    I've heard of this type of situation before with other countries. I will research and get back to you.
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      Any update? I wasn't able to post on this thread so I thought you locked it. I'm still not able to pm you for some reason.


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        OMG i'm so stupid. If an admin can move this thread to the correct waivers section under general requirements that would be awesome.