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Questions about medical procedures?
Go to, scroll down to MANMED Change 126 (pages 51-112) and download the document. The pertinent section is Article 15-105 Naval Special Warfare and Special Operations.
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Waiver for Ankle Fracture with surgery

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  • Waiver for Ankle Fracture with surgery

    I have broke my ankle (Fibula and Tibula) fracture along with a dislocation... I had surgery in mid march to have plates and screws on both sides of my ankle to keep my ankle in the right place to heal... There was no complications with my surgery and my surgeon cleared me to bear full weight at the end of april but to take it easy and then he said I can run on it by the end of May

    My Surgeon said I should not physically be limited in any way and that I could have ALL the plates and screws removed with a 2nd surgery and told me my risk of developing arthritis within my young years was low

    He also briefly mentioned I have this 1mm yes 1 millimeter gap between what I believe he said was my fibula and fibula and that I would need a possible bone marrow transplant(Which I think it was but not sure as he didn't make a big deal out of it)... he sent X-rays to some specialist in Philadelphia and she said that a 2nd surgery would not be needed and there should be no physical limitations...

    My surgeon said I did not need physical therapy but I went to 3 sessions just to help with rehabilitation but I didn't see a difference

    I have continued to put weight on it and exercise on it without much discomfort and it has gotten a lot better from since I was first able to put weight on it... I was supposed to attend a NROTC program in the fall but I defered until the next year in Fall 2018 because of this... What do you guys think is a waiver possible for this or even needed if I have the plates and screws removed

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    I did the same thing to my left leg and after PT and being 100%, i couldnt run a half mile without very sharp pain where the plate was. I decided to have the plate and screws removed hoping it would feel better and if anything cause less discussion at MEPS. Long story short, about 2 months after i had the surgery to get the plate out i ran a 7:30 mile. Huge difference. Id say take it out, recovery is quick for it.

    On the enlistment side of it, im currently dealing with some recruiters and their Chief trying to get to MEPS to QNJ. They submitted all my ortho records in to MEPS and of course they need even more info, but i was told i should make it through if im patient. I would definitely get as much medical reports and papers from your Docs as possible as has been said before on here. Ive yet to go to meps, but hopefully my expierience can help you out a bit.....good luck and be patient with it for sure.


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      Im new to this forum what is QNJ? I have reached out to a retired Navy Doctor (One who has a final say) and he said I should be fine getting through if I get it removed... I have the sharp pain now kind of where the "ball" part of your ankle is... I used to have the sharp pain just by walking but I only get it now really when i push my ankle when running on it and its really just soreness and stiffness especially when im working

      Definitely sucked breaking my ankle and stuck working at McDonalds until next year when I am going to college but on a side note it really helped my ankle when i pushed through the pain then try to go swimming with it... I dont know how recent your injury is but hopefully that will work for you too


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        I know exactly what you mean by the sharp pain. I broke my femur in 2011 and my tib/fib in both legs at the same time in 2013.... Yea the swimming helped out quite a bit for me as well. I have a very physical job as well as did 2 years of crossfit and 20-30 mpw running now so I feel better then ever. Just have to be very very patient with it. Once the plate and screws came out it just felt like game on really. That was in 2015.

        QNJ "Qualified No Job" is what my mentor and recruiter decided to put me in as it's been offered quite a bit here in my region in CT. I'm not sure if they're doing it for everyone around here or not, I told them no matter what only contract I was signing was SO. It's instead of the DEP, so I'll basically go to Meps, and assuming I pass everything there, I can workout with my mentor groups for up to 8 months to earn a SO contract instead of signing some random contract at Meps and having a ship date.

        Either way, getting the plate and screws out asap is probably your best bet, just speaking from experience I wouldn't rush to get a contract right after it comes out. It's been 2 and a half years since mine came out and I just started the process a few months ago. I'll let you know what happens for me at Meps, hopefully in the next few weeks, as you have a very similar ordeal as me lol