Manual of the Medical Department

Questions about medical procedures?
Go to, scroll down to MANMED Change 126 (pages 51-112) and download the document. The pertinent section is Article 15-105 Naval Special Warfare and Special Operations.
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Future MEPS issue

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  • Future MEPS issue

    Looking for some help from someone who may have been in my situation, I'm aware this may be posted in the wrong area and if so it may be removed or moved(wasn't sure where to put it).

    Shortly after I started training with obtaining contract in mind I finally went ahead and had a nagging knee injury taken care of. I had my meniscus repaired and now 9 months down the road I'm doing great. Mock PST numbers are climbing and my knee feels like new, for the most part. It slipped my mind until recently that I'm going to have to duck walk at MEPS. Previous to my surgery even with the injury duck walking was no problem, pain free. But now I cant sit on my heels. I can sit on my good leg's heel no problem, but my bad leg(left) produces quite a bit of pain when trying to force it.

    Before my surgery when my knee would "lock" i could "unlock" it by geting on my knees, pointing my left foot outwards away from my body and sitting on the heel. My knee doesn't lock anymore and i can get close to touching my heel pain free when I do what i just described. Trying to keep my toes forward is what bothers it.

    Just wondering if someone who has had the same surgery saw that it got better with time. The surgery involved an anchor into the head of my lower leg bone that should dissolve 18 months from the surgery, not sure if thats what is holding me back or not. Any insight would be greatly appreciated as I know that without being able to duckwalk I wont make it through MEPS..

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    Hey, I had surgery in March of this year on my knee. It was a minor surgery removing some bone and stitching up a ligament. I had an SO contract at the time with orders to leave in July, but DEP had to drop me for at least 6 months. I reapplied this September, and MEPS actually still disqualified me after an annoying 3 separate visits to evaluate. Fortunately, the Navy gave me a waiver for my knee, and I have my SO contract back with orders to leave in February.

    With MEPS evaluation practices in mind, you will also have to squat down full depth and throw your knees together to the ground and make a loud "thud" on the tile floor (expect to do it more than once). This is to test for tenderness and they examined me quite close. So, make sure you are also able to complete that no problem.

    If I were you, I would stick to consistent physical therapy with a therapist who knows your situation and goals. Do everything you can to heal the knee to its full potential. Although, increasing your scores for the PST is great, it is also misleading in regards to your knee situation. Do not let the idea that great PST scores means you have a perfectly functional knee. I learned that fast. I cannot comment on the specifics of your surgery and current pain, but I would highly suggest do everything you can do achieve a perfect, functional squat seeing how that is a basic movement. My ankles and feet became really tight after surgery, and I had to spend a lot of time simply working on mobility to achieve a perfect squat stance comfortably. If your recruiters are pushing you to get to MEPS before you are ready, remember they work for you, and you take your time. Good luck.
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      Thank you for the words of advice. Fortunately I am squatting, I can go beyond parallel but once I get about a 6 inch gap from heel to butt my left knee starts to disagree. Your right on good PST scores not meaning a healthy knee. I have been working on agility and footwork for my knee and I just recently started really taking the time for extra mobility work. Impacts to my knee aren't painful, I can slam them into tile/concrete It's the deep sit of the duckwalk that I'm not quite able to do yet. I have one year to make it happen before I graduate college and try to enter the DEP, I talked to a recruiter on the phone a few months back and he told me to just wait until the end of spring semester to try to go to MEPS. I really appreciate the help, not a ton of people seem to use this site so when the help is around its great!