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Questions about medical procedures?
Go to, scroll down to MANMED Change 126 (pages 51-112) and download the document. The pertinent section is Article 15-105 Naval Special Warfare and Special Operations.
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Medical review taking a long time

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  • Medical review taking a long time

    I’ve been in the medical review process for an ACL repair (2012) and tib/fib fracture (2006) since March. It took four months for MEPS to order new evaluations from my doctor of which showed no limitations, full range of motion, and no evidence for future complications, and now I’ve been in the waiting game since early August. I’ve reached out to the Commander of my recruiting district, spoken to officer friends, and have recently reached out to my congressman, and I still feel like I’m on day one, nine months later.

    I wanted to to see if someone has a similar experience and the outcome thus far. Also wanted to share my experience for anyone in the same boat; you’re not alone.

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    PM sent


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      I'm guessing your scars are visible which means you have to submit paperwork in the first place?


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        Indeed. Turned in all the paperwork anyway so might as well focus on getting squared away for the PST and contract ASAP.

        ‘Medical review taking a long time? Good. More time for pushups.’


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          There are specific regulations in place for the enlistment process. Waiting months to just get a green light is totally against what MEPCOM regulations detail. So unless you sent them 100 pages of pre-screen medical literature, this is totally unsat. I would figure out who you need to actually get in touch with, and use that chain of command.

          Spend your time poking at the chain until you get through; this means talking to different recruiters in other regions, and maybe even trying to go to a different MEPS. My suggestion is to get in contact with the NSW scout team directly, those guys are squared away and motivated to get in touch with qualified candidates, if you are one. Call you recruiter/MEPs contact everyday, leave voicemails, do whatever you can to keep them engaged.

          In your situation there might be a lot of work facing the recruiting personnel, and you might have some "easy-going" people handling your stuff. So you need to make your voice more annoying than doing the paperwork. Good luck.


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            That’s good advice. Thank you. I will say I have been to other recruiters in my area and they all say the same thing. Recruiting officers have said the medical review process has been taking a long time for everyone. And through my network I’ve heard the immediate relatives of Admirals are stuck in the same boat.

            Some info that that was passed along to me was that absolutely no one is allowed to influence the doctors at MEPS. I understand this as they want to make completely objective decisions. However when I read that the standards are 1 business day for 5 pages of medical papers, I still can’t sit hear and not think, nine months later.... What. The. (Insert four letter word here).

            I turned in 20 pages. I’m going to be 29 in May. I haven’t even PST’d yet. Mock PST I can hit optimum scores on an average day. However even if I contracted today I wouldn’t ship in time.

            We’ll see what happens but this is going to take a miracle.

            I hope this thread inspires anyone who’s stuck in the Medical review process. Like what b16fy said above, “be more annoying than the paperwork they have to do”, your career is on the line. Fight like that third monkey at Noah’s arch and it’s starting to rain.


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              Originally posted by Broseph_25 View Post
              Mock PST I can hit optimum scores on an average day. However even if I contracted today I wouldn’t ship in time.
              So clarify something, are you already working with a NSW mentor? Or are you just working with the recruiter?

              If you think you qualify for SO, get in touch with those coordinators directly. Its pertinent that you start networking with a mentor now, so that if this problem persists you have someone in the community that can vouch for your age waiver.

              I would also have your paperwork resubmitted every 30 days until you get an answer. If your recruiter doesn't want to break doors down like that for you, either go to their LCPO or find a different station. Recruiters get points for the jobs they get candidates, so it shouldn't be hard to find one that'll do the work.


              • xb38
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                I’m only working with my recruiter.

                I was told I cannot meet with the mentor until I start working with the local ‘boat crew.’ How can I find out who the mentor is? Probably my recruiter...

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              Originally posted by Broseph_25 View Post

              east coast (757) 763 3005
              west coast (888) 876 7325

              The scout team can get you in touch with a mentor... that's their thing. From what I understand, the recruiter ******** varies depending on the mentors in your area. In my case, the mentors were actually divers, and the PST was conducted at their local dive locker. They didn't allow anyone that was not contracted to come to their PT sessions, nor take the PST. I believe those mentors are supposed to be actively motivating candidates, and open to doing PSTs for anyone that wants to try out (not just SO shippers.)

              BUT, what you should do is politely call whichever coast you're on. Don't go into the nitty gritty of your situation, just tell them you have medical waivers that you've been waiting a year on, and that you're almost 29 and your back is up against the wall. I would also include the fact that you can nail the PST.

              I would imagine they would be able to give you some kind of guidance.


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                Best help I’ve gotten through this whole process. Thank you.

              • b16fy
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                Make sure to post what response you get, and or how you make out.

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              I am in your situation. I started this process August 27. And from getting my paper work from the Army(I was going army first) to getting a waiver approved for a paintball shot to the eye I've been waiting for months. People around me thought I has given up but here recently last week My recruiter said he has to resubmit my paperwork.

              My uncle was a recruiter for years and think meps lost my paperwork. No other explanation I can think of. But its torture and I'm already 29 so I more so feel your pain.


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                Update from a week ago.

                After contacting my congressman, I received a notification that a complaint has been filed. And that a follow up should be heard within 30-60 days. Bust.

                Reached out to the Chief Recruiter of my district and it seemed to have gotten some feet moving. Anyone in this situation shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to the recruiting command of your district/city. And/or find a new recruiter if feet seem to be dragging.


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                  Wow. Inspiring. My recruiter recently resubmitted my paperwork but I will try again with this option if I hear nothing back by Mid January. Thanks for the update


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                    i am in a similar situation. i have heard a rumor though you can wait two years and go back to meps clean slate and just say "i have no idea where those scars are from, always had them" and they cant do anything.