Manual of the Medical Department

Questions about medical procedures?
Go to, scroll down to MANMED Change 126 (pages 51-112) and download the document. The pertinent section is Article 15-105 Naval Special Warfare and Special Operations.
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Cataract waiver have 20/20 vision

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  • Cataract waiver have 20/20 vision

    I'm waiting on a waiver for a paintball shot to the eye last year. I have 20/20 vision. I do have cataract in the eye though. Everyone I talk to ex-military seems to think I'm good and anything online says cataract can be disqualifying if condition is progressive which my doctor has specifically stated it is not progressive. Been waiting on meps for a while any advice would be nice

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    I’ve been blowing up everyone I can think of. But politely and professionally. I called the Chief of Recruiting for my district and was able to get some feet moving. Medical is taking along time, have to stay persistent and keep bugging your recruiter. If he/she starts getting mad or blowing you off (like my guy has), don’t hesitate to find a new recruiter.


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      Were in the same boat then. Pretty sure I've already pissed off my recruiter. Guess it's just a waiting game then. Hopefully one month at the most.


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        Originally posted by Broseph_25 View Post
        don’t hesitate to find a new recruiter.
        Bam, done.


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          I've went to a new recruiter and he passed me back. My uncle was a recruiter for years and thinks its Meps lost my paperwork. Which I hear is not uncommon. I do think my recruiter hasn't checked on it like he should but all recruiters talk so I'm not gunna screw myself. I already tried switching once. Just wanted to see if anyone else had been in my situation with my eye waiver.


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            I don’t know if this is country wide, but I hear med reads are taking a long time in general. Try having your recruiter resubmit you documents. Also find out the leadership of you recruiting command and have their number at hand when you think it needs some extra motivation. In my endeavor, I have made a point to remain professional despite the fact I’m getting really impatient.

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          Guys, got news for you: Med reads and waivers take a LONG time to process. Usually many months. It's a bit of a bottleneck, unfortunately, and many guys get discouraged. Just take it in stride and realize you can't control this. It doesn't matter who you try to cajole, plead, threaten, etc., it simply moves at its own speed. So, use this time to train. Work on your performance, and sharpen your mentality. You'll need it. Just don't over-train and get injured.
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            Thankyou to everyone who has commented. I shall do as above states and just train. Which is what u have been doing. In these months I've dropped weight and numbers have all went up, except swimming but that's still at 11:06. My impatient-ness was because I'm 29 and my sons 30 in April. I wanted to go to basic while hes young. I hear age waivers are getting approved but if I get deined I'll go diver and apply for Seal as a diver.