Manual of the Medical Department

Questions about medical procedures?
Go to, scroll down to MANMED Change 126 (pages 51-112) and download the document. The pertinent section is Article 15-105 Naval Special Warfare and Special Operations.
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Will Top secret security clearance pull medical records

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  • Will Top secret security clearance pull medical records

    Here are my concerns I sign the papers to join the Navy seals getgthrough buds yet I don't disclose the fact that I have adhd or that I was diagnosed with ptsd which was a misdiagnosis which I know because I was not perscribed any medicine for it and I was young 12 years old being dramatic because I was pissed at my parents and knew what I was doing which was stupid I was also misdiagnosed with adhd I know this because my records have stopped perscribing them to me a year ago roughly however I don't want to disclose this to my recruiter for fear of a waiver requirement or a nice boot in the *** right out thet fuc**** door a long oeith my dreams of being a Navy seal which is all I want in life and being realistic if I need a waiver I proooobably won't get picked up because why would they pick up someone with a waiver when they have a pool perfectly healthy people to choose from I know if I get a waiver I won't get picked up correct me if I am wrong those are my concerns here is my questions what should I do? Will they find out about mental health issues which I was misdiagnosed with, at the Top Secret Security clearance meps not worried about it's the TS clearance the misdiagnosis is not documented that I know of I also heard that ts clearance only goes back 10 years??? the whole ptsd ******** happened at 12 and I have never taken any medicine perscribed in the last year and have been just fine

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    Also I will add that I am 18 now and I have not taken any perscribed medicine in the last year as of March of 2018 and if I don't tell anyone they would never assume anything was wrong with me even under extremely stressful situations


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      And I have NEVER taken any medicine for ptsd


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        ANYTHING that has been documented in either your health record or your legal record MUST be disclosed at MEPS. If you don't, and they find out, you get kicked out of military service PERMANENTLY.

        So my best advice is, don't withhold information.

        That being said, do not be afraid of being disqualified from the SEALS because of your history. The PTSD thing (if not documented by a doctor or legal authority) doesn't need to be disclosed. If you told the doctor this, then you will need to tell your recruiter so that you can fully explain your situation and they can help you take action to approve a waiver.

        As far as ADHD goes, I was also prescribed medication for it in High School. As long as you have the doctor sign a note saying that you don't need it, then you're fine.


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          Originally posted by Holloway89 View Post
          ANYTHING that has been documented in either your health record or your legal record MUST be disclosed at MEPS. .
          SF-86 section 21 it states "In the last seven years, have you consulted with a health care professional regarding an emotional or mental health condition, or were you hospitalized for such a condition?"

          If you were 12, you're at 6 years. Pretty close to outside of the range to answering yes to that question. Other qualifying "no" situations involve combat stress, sexual assault stress, and in your case FAMILY STRESS that didn't result in court-ordered counseling. This also covers basic grief issues.

          Once again, you may answer "no" in the section if it was due to any of the stated above reasons.