Manual of the Medical Department

Questions about medical procedures?
Go to, scroll down to MANMED Change 126 (pages 51-112) and download the document. The pertinent section is Article 15-105 Naval Special Warfare and Special Operations.
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  • Stuck in waiting

    Maybe someone in a similar situation that got a contract can help me out. Now at age 25 I graduated with a Bachelors degree in mid December 2018. I immediately went to my recruiter and started my process of hopefully getting a SEAL contract. Unfortunately for me I had a rough past as far as medical goes.

    ankle implants for flat feet 12 years ago
    gynocomastea surgery 4 years ago
    meniscus repair 2 years ago
    brachial cyst removal(neck) 10 months ago

    All documents pertaining to all of my surgeries were submitted and I waited for about a month. My recruiter finally told me that my records had to go up a department to N3M which I now know means MEPS said it was a no go for me. About two weeks after that my recruiter said that N3M wanted a pathology report for a cyst that I had mentioned in my initial documents but didn't have any paper work for. (16 years ago)

    I'm hoping it's a good thing that was all they asked for becuase they didn't mention my knee or ankles which I was worried about. It's been a few weeks since then and I check in weekly with my recruiter but no new news. Although I cannot train with the SEAL mentor in my area I got his contact info and he said he would try to talk to MEPS to see if he could get me in for one or two training sessions, and to see what was going on. No word from either him or my recruiter yet.

    Anyone else have a bunch of medical waivers that needed approval and were granted? The mentor and my recruiter thought even though I have had a lot of surgeries that they weren't that big of a deal.

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    I was in need of only one medical waiver and here’s how my process went... is going.

    I had a broken leg in 2006, and torn ACL in 2009. Both had surgery and have fully recovered. Full range of motion, no limitations to physical activity, even had the plates and screws removed from my leg. It’s like it never happened, and I had went back to my orthopedic surgeon to get his evaluation, in which I promptly pistol squated to be a show off and prove I have no limitations.

    Turn all my paperwork last March (one year ago). I was told this was for the medical waiver I’d be needing and that this could take a few months.

    It wasn’t until last January that I confirmed that my paperwork was being looked at. And this was after a lot of kicking and screaming and being a loud squeaky wheel to get someone to do something.

    I was approved with my paperwork and went for my full day at MEPS. I was then disqualified for an issue with my knee. My paperwork had a recent MRI report that MEPS wanted and showed I had disfigured cartilage in my knee. Awesome.

    After being disqualified, I was then told about the N3M waiver, in which I would detail my physical activity. Submitted to big Navy doctors and told it would take 3 business days. Currently it’s been 10.

    Moral of the story is the enlistment process when including waivers is a prime example of hurry up and wait. I don’t think I’m answering your question but I wanted to address the lengthy waiting periods for this waiver process. YOU ARE NOT ALONE MY DUDE.

    Good thing you have a few years before the age cutoff. You can take that time to enjoy time with your friends and strengthen any weakness you may have. I turn 29 end of May. It’s going to take an act of God to get my *** into the pipeline in time, age waivers are harder to get than a supermodel girlfriend with millions in the bank.

    But I like these kind of do or die moments,
    Stand by to get some.


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      Good to hear I'm not the only one. I hope that it works out for you xb38. I thought I was frustrated but man you gotta be going crazy! Keep at it, everything works out in the end.


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        finfur I'm not as banged up but I understand the frustration, I haven't even gotten into MEPS to do my physical or ASVAB. I've had all my MEPS paperwork submitted for over a month (been trying to get it all together since Jan.) and there have been TWO separate times when MEPS said they would have an answer for me to by a specific date and when that date comes and I contact my recruiter to find out, they tell me "no update man" and I'm just sitting here like okay guess I'll keep studying and waiting while everything else in my life is on hold lol.


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          Just to update you guys, I got a phone call today from my recruiter. He informed me that N3M decided that I am permanently disqualified from joining the Navy. Recruiter didn't really give me any details he just said yeah its not gonna work out. I'm going to contact the recruiter again and see if there is ANYTHING I can do. I would re-apply down the road but nothing will have changed. I already had civilian doctors vouching for my past surgeries that I was good to go. So I'm not exactly sure if this is it, or theres some way to keep trying to join.