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Utah Visit

Meet and Greet: For those who want more information about us, we'll be at The Wall on BYU campus Thursday, Sept. 10 from 6-9 p.m. No admission charge.
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Scout Team Road Trip

Would you be interested in attending an event to find out more about us and maybe get in a little workout? We're putting together a list of places for a road trip. PM Scott Williams (Admin)and tell him your location.
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Going the extra mile to prepair yourself

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  • Going the extra mile to prepair yourself

    Seal training will probably be the toughest challenge any of us face in our lives so i can't help but think I'm not training myself enough. I'm just like all you guys, I workout every day, I perform my workouts to the T and I push myself as hard as I can. I was wondering what everyone else is doing to test themselves not only physically, but mentally as well. Besides pushing yourself as hard as you can during your workouts, what else are you doing? Are you studying certain things?.....Are you adding some outside factor to your workout program to make it tougher?.........Are you doing some daily exercise to keep you motivated?.....Are you working out at a certain time or in certain weather to simulate BUDs?

    In short, besides just adding more sets to your workout or fighting through that last push-up what else are you guys doing to prepare yourself physically and mentally?

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    Re: Going the extra mile to prepair yourself

    Hi there are many things you can do, such as : find a place where you can do an lsd run, run like 8-15 miles depending on how much mile you ran walk those miles back where you started do pushups at every mile point. I did this except the pushups were not included because i had extreme chafing after this lol make sure that you hydrate at water fountains etc.. This challenged me a lot because it kept messing with my mind making me want to find a phone booth to call someone to pick me up because i didn't want to walk back 10 miles after i already did 10 miles to put on top of that the weather was horrible also if you experience any pain its best to call someone to pick you up. There are many things you can do you just have to be creative just don't hurt yourself make it challenging both mentally and physically.


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      Re: Going the extra mile to prepair yourself

      One of the things I've being doing mentally is to memorize the SEAL Ethos. And when you have it memorized, say it to yourself in your head on a long run or swim. I find it push's me just that little bit i need to run that extra mile or swim just 1 more lap. To be that "common man....with uncommon desire to succeed"


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        Re: Going the extra mile to prepair yourself

        I agree with memorizing the SEAL creed. It really pushes you harder on your runs, plus its really rewarding to know it by heart. Just a little heads up for what rosin said though, if you're doing extremely long distances, I really recommend a camelbak. They're a little pricey, but worth every cent. It keeps you safe on a long run because it can hold a lot of water and even your phone. I'm not advertising it or anything but at least take a backpack or something. Dont be stupid and go on a long run unprepared.
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