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reeeeeaaaalllly good question!!

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    Re: reeeeeaaaalllly good question!!

    Originally posted by LukeHall View Post
    Okay. I just felt like this post was kind of immature, even if it was just supposed to be funny. But whatever.
    You're right, it was incredibly immature, but that's why it's funny.


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      Re: reeeeeaaaalllly good question!!

      Originally posted by Cassy79 View Post
      Tfranc- seriously... You guys should see my leave date Facebook group... We talk bout training, hobbies, girls, and a whole lot more of stuff that I can't mention on here. 99% of our post are BS back and fourth. Rippin on eachother and firing back. Were not gonna make it through by bein coworkers. We've gotta make friends, brotherhood. SEALs aren't coworkers there brothers. Even though we haven't met eachother we sure can't wait till it happens. Everyone needs to take a chill pill. Though heated arguements are also good at times. Debate is healthy, humor is healthy.
      That's all I have to say.

      Ps though... I do hate repetitive post and ppl that can't figure **** out on their own. But leave it to the system to weed them out, because it will.
      Couldn't agree more man. What's the name of the facebook group?