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How to develop attention to detail?

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  • How to develop attention to detail?

    Title says it all. Thank you
    There's two types of pain: the temporary pain of discipline, or the eternal pain of regret.

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    Re: How to develop attention to detail?

    Talk less, listen more.
    Be skeptical of ordinary things you see every day. Analyze them more.
    Play poker?
    I stood and stared; the sky was lit,
    The sky was stars all over it,
    I stood, I knew not why,
    Without a wish, without a will,
    I stood upon that silent hill
    And stared into the sky until
    My eyes were blind with stars and still
    I stared into the sky.
    -Ralph Hodgson, "The Song of Honour"


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      Re: How to develop attention to detail?

      Don't worry, your RDC at Boot will make sure you have plenty of attention to detail. You will learn to loath IP's (loose threads), contraband (specs of lint or dirt) and a ton of other OCD style exercises that teach you attention to detail. In other words, you will be taught.


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        Re: How to develop attention to detail?

        Go deer hunting.
        Get up in a stand and sit for 2 hours and you will start to notice every little thing moving out there.
        (Plus it's good practice shooting, and patience, not to mention the adrenaline rush when you shoot one!)
        Or, like Cloud said, begin to analyze everything you see.
        Do things that make you think, get you focused on paying attention to everything.
        "As sure as God
        created black and white,
        what's done in the dark,
        will be brought to the light."
        -Johnny Cash

        "Let him who desires peace prepare for war."


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          Re: How to develop attention to detail?

          Pay Attention. don't get side tracked.Rehearse everything in your head. And visualize.
          Strength and Honor
          SWONEC Victor


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            Re: How to develop attention to detail?

            I have had a good experience developing attetion skills by getting into orienteering. With orienteering, you pick up a land navigation skill set (map reading, route selection, location determination, etc.), you develop fitness with trail running (lower levels) or real cross-country running (higher levels), you learn to make assessments and decisions on the run, and generally it's a cool crowd at meets and there's usually an awesome potluck. It is pretty cool to see a top orienteering athlete rip through 20 checkpoints in top time. At the same time, everyone works a course at their own level and has a good time learning skills and getting in shape. As far as attention to detail, in orienteering it's the difference between spending 1/2-hour on a course or 4 hours on a course, and it's the difference between finding youself looking down at a checkpoint in a tree stump or finding yourself standing in a bog sratchin' your head and wonderin' where you went wrong! Here's a list of local clubs:


            PS Send me a PM me if you decide you want to check this out and start looking at compasses, etc.
            Tom Delaney
            St. Paul, Minnesota, USA