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Anyone been to SEALFIT?

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  • Anyone been to SEALFIT?

    Has anyone been? I was looking into the Kokoro camp. 50 hours of straight training. Program is run by SEALS. Thought it would be a good challenge. Ive heard that it's the toughest training outside of actual BUDS. Do yall think one could benefit from this program mentally and what it takes to be at BUDS...some what? Opinions and comments appreciated thanks.

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    I'm going to reply before all the people that say, "nothing will prepare you for BUDS blah blah blah." That's the only mentality of a large portion of this forums community. I would encourage you to do it! Any boost or advantage you can give yourself to give you a statistical advantage would be smart! Even if you go and it's not very mentally intensive you could ask a lot of questions and get some good information from some SEALS. And at the very least you would get a hell of a workout. Just my 0.02.


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      In my opinion, I think going to his camp would benefit you immensely. If you haven't gotten a chance to read his book The Way of the SEAL, read it. I'm pretty sure if you read it and buy into it you'll know that you could benefit from the camp. I'm sure you've done a little research on what his training is about. A lot of it is yoking your mind, body and spirit. And I believe the more connected you are, the better shot you'll have at making it through your pipeline...

      I would love to attend the Kokoro camp. Just a bit pricey for me. Good luck brotha. If you do take the course let us know how you liked it. thanks shipmate.



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        Ive followed SEALFit since its inception as a SOF training camp.

        Go do it. Attend Kokoro if you can afford it.

        Kokoro is a japanese term which means to unify your heart and mind. The way of the warrior is to awaken your Kokoro so you can be the ultimate fully-capable warrior.
        "Lord, let me not prove unworthy of my brothers."

        "Ace Ventura: If you were me, then I'd be you, and I'd use *your* body to get to the top. You can't stop me no matter who you are!"

        “Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious... and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” - Walt Disney


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          Let me know how it goes, I plan on attending this program in the summer of 2018.


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            I looked into SEALFIT and talked to them. They said they are moving away from training candidates and focusing on business people. They cancelled their SOF academy this year.


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              I am attending the May 2018 20X (12 Hour) Challenge this year. I thought I should take the first event rather than Kokoro first, just in case I missed something or wasn't prepared. Don't want to medically DQ myself before actually joining. I have no qualms updating this thread on how it goes. Hopefully, it'll help others know more about what I personally thought of my experience at the event.


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                Hey everyone, I came back about a week ago from SEALFIT 20X. It was definitely a great experience. Definitely not easy. I expected it to be hard, but it was much harder than I expected. Opened up my mind as to how far I can push myself. The running and constant workout pace with small amounts of rest killed me. Lots of Sugar Cookies with the Sand, Hitting the Surf, Sandbag (20-40lbs) carries, burpees, Pushups, Squats, and more. There was Log PT in the 20X, but it wasn’t too bad because I was the shortest and it wasn’t really evened out on my Log. Felt bad for other teammates. Definitely recommend this event.
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                  Looked into it, never went, got too old to be a SEAL, I'm 29

                  If I could give you some advice, it's to definitely look into stuff such as SEALFIT, and there's a reason I say that. It can be difficult to motivate yourself. I have heard nothing but good stuff about it.

                  I really have a lot of knowledge, but sometimes, I feel like I'm just a nuisance on this board. But I should look at the bright side, because I'm still totally eligible for SWCC. I Just would have to get my pull-ups straightened out, and my push-ups max back up to where it was.

                  Nutrition was a big part of my failure. Make sure your diet is straight, because that can make a huge difference.


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                    Look at this