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  • "Are you kidding me?!"

    How many times have you heard your coach say, "Are you kidding me?!" It's the first day, first week of practices and you can't seem to get anything right. And the coach constantly yelling "Are you kidding me?!" over and over again. You quickly think that this is how it's going to be the entire season. You will keep screwing up, you will always be the weak link, and you will always get punished. That's how RTC will be when you first start training. That's how BUDS will be when day one kicks off.

    You think you can do anything. You think you know how to get it right. But when you're in that compartment, or on the grinder, all of the sudden, you can't do anything, and you can't get it right. That's what the instructors want you to think. They're trying to make you think that if you can't do it right the first time, then you won't get it right ever. The reality is, it's your first time. All of this is new to you. Because it's new to you, you will struggle. That's how the first time for everything is. You struggle.

    But then as you progress through training, all of the sudden it seems like you're getting yelled at less and less for making mistakes. You seem to struggle less and less with each evolution you repeat. I.E. Week one, day one. During surf passage, you see life jackets and paddles scattered everywhere. Boats are flipping, everyone's disoriented, and everyone is failing. One week later, where are the life jackets and paddles being adrift? Through trial and error, you and your classmates have seemed to learned the lessons of previous surf passages, and everyone is now succeeding.

    The point of the matter is, you will struggle the first time. That's what training is. That's what training does. You make those mistakes so that you can then learn how not to make those same mistakes when you're on a real mission. So my advise is this: When you first report for training, whether it's at RTC, or at BUDS, remember, expect to struggle. expect to be weak. expect to fail. That's what the first week, the first day, the first hour of training is all about. This great quote I got was "Things are always going to get worse before they get better." That's what I use, and maybe you should use it too.
    "When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on."-- Franklin D. Roosevelt

    "Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail" -- Ralph Waldo Emerson