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    For those of you following the PTG, how do you split up your days workouts? Also, what do your lifting days look like and how have you started to incorporate the supplemental videos NSWC posted?
    "Those who will not risk cannot win" - John Paul Jones

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    JJones I personally follow option 1 on the PTG. It serves my schedule well. As far as lifting goes, I only lift twice a week, at least until I get contracted. Keep in mind your ultimate goal is to get a SO contract, no? On the days you do calisthenics it would not hurt to do some injury prevention exercises. These include ER, IR, Flex, Ext, Abd, and Add, for both hips and shoulders. All these will help with running game and shoulder game when we go through log pt, swimming, etc.
    As far as lower body I stick with dead lift, and squats. Upper body weights I stick with light military press, bench, and barbell workouts. Just do what works for you. Work on your weaknesses.