Official Podcast Now Posted!

The Official Navy SEAL & SWCC podcast, "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday", is now posted in the Downloads section []. Hear from real, active duty Navy SEALs, SWCC, and key support staff from NSW as they talk training, requirements, ethos, and more. Hooyah!
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Mental Toughness breakthrough

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  • Mental Toughness breakthrough

    Hey guys, I know I haven't posted on here in a while. I just wanted to say that right now I'm very happy with myself I just had a huge mental breakthrough. I was following the PTG for push-ups and I was doing sets of 15, of course since push-ups are my weakness I was fatigued after only a little bit. But I finally said screw it, I wasn't just gonna stop at 15 I just kept going, and going all the way up to 30 even though I was so tired I just pushed them out even though my mind said not to. After I was done with all my sets I was resting for a while and of course my arms were stiff, but I said screw it and I got up in position and I just started to push em out. Even though I was tired and my form was probably messed up I managed to push out 50. I've just come to realize how much more you can handle than you even think. Sure this wasn't a crazy story but I'm sure I can apply this to harder workouts later on, and I thought maybe you guys could learn from this. I don't know, but if you made it this far thanks for reading it.

    P.S: I was gonna post this under mental toughness and it wouldn't let me, so I thought this was the next best thing.