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I'm stuck and could use some advice please.

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  • I'm stuck and could use some advice please.

    Hello. I personally don't know where to start. I've always wanted to be a Seal. Ever since my father retired out of the Marines as an 0321. Given his experiences he showed me what it was like to be the best and what it takes to become one of the few. This has been my dream for years upon years and now being a year and 8 months away from possible enlistment, i just do not know what to do. My mind set and drive is to be a Seal but for some reason my motivation status just doesn't seem up to par. I'm in pretty decent shape, Mile times are in early 7 to late 6 minutes. I did my 2 mile in 10 min and 15 sec, my muscular strength is my top trait and probably the easiest part to me in training, I love the water and swimming but due to living in the middle of the desert(Arizona) it can be challenging to find some places to practice fin and endurance swimming due to either it being too small of a pool or should i say shallow, or most of the lakes are open and decent 3 months out of the year during school time.
    I know if i just commit to training and preparing myself for Bud/s and the long road after initial training i do believe i can succeed. But the problem is i just either don't have time (School or Motocross) or i just lack the motivation to do so. Could anyone help me get the right mind set from someone else's view or has anyone ever experiences the same issues? I could also use some help figuring out a proper training program for myself before Bud/s. I just want to be the best for myself and do make my father proud.Thank you so much.

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    You make time for whats important to you. Motivation is bs and honestly you either have the mental ability to get through training or you don't. People who make it through the training don't have "Motivation" they just know what they need to do to achieve their goal and do it.

    If this is so important to you then quit motocross if you "don't have time". Also with the swiming question you can still do endurance work/fin work in a regular pool.


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      In my opinion, motivation is not a determining factor in your training; discipline is. Whenever you don't feel motivation you need to realize that motivation is not required to go train... discipline is. I would highly recommend reading Jocko's books, specifically Extreme Ownership.

      As for "not having time", you can either quit motocross/school (if you're in college), which I don't recommend, or wake up earlier, stay up later, and get it done. If you want to have time to you have to make it.

      It sounds like you're at the point where you need to turn your motivations into discipline.

      As for training I would highly recommend Stew Smith's 12 weeks to BUD/S, or just the regular PTG on the SEALSWCC website.

      I live on the coast and do %90 of my water training in the pool, just find one and stick to it.

      Bottom line is set out the next month of training, know what you're going to do everyday and NEVER miss a workout, commit to the training and commit to the %100 completion of it, no matter how you feel or whats going on, and it will bring you motivation and satisfaction in a job well done by the end. Rinse, lather, repeat.
      "Search for approval from within, not from others" -David Goggins


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        I'd watch every single podcast and interview with David Goggins. Then check out some of Jocko Wilink's videos on his youtube channel. Take what you learn from these and actually apply it. When I started training, I had never ran a full mile. I tried one day and had to stop a 1/4 mile in. It probably didn't help that I couldn't afford running shoes and was wearing heavy hunting boots, and was running in 5 degrees. There were so many times I made excuses. It's to cold. There's snow and ice. I don't have a track. I don't have a pool. I have nobody to run with. What if a moose tramples me? I don't even have f###ing running shoes. Many times I quit early or got complacent. But I kept on trying. The closest swimming pool was an hour away. I couldn't swim 50 m without resting. But I kept on trying. I had to get a job to afford to drive way into town to swim and to afford different things. This summer I bought my first pair of running shoes after running for two years without them. I would fit in two hours of driving and an hour of swimming into my 10-12 hour workday. After trying for years I now have a decent PST score, and have gained a lot of personal understanding. I'm not tooting my own horn here I'm just trying to give you some perspective. Many guys have had much more difficult obstacles to overcome than mine. Pursuing this kind of profession takes sacrifice. What are you willing to sacrifice for your goals? Adapt and overcome, make a freakin plan. Stop whining you're in fine shape. If school really takes up to much time and you really want to continue motocross, then fine keep up your basic fitness and take a year after school working and PTing and then enlist. Also remember, 80% quit training, so a lot of the people on here are going to and have quit. Don't take everything some dude says to heart. Listen up when an admin or one of the senior members post they have a lot to share. No matter what happens don't stop pursuing your goal. Get after it, or get out of the way.


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          1. Buy Breaking BUD/S. Seriously, it will either make you or break you, i.e make you prepared or break your desire to be a SEAL.
          2. Read the /r/NavySEAL archive post, it lists every useful thing to know. It even includes two QnA's with two active duty SEALs.
          3. Be tough
          "Discipline Equals Freedom" - John "Jocko" Willink


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            Let me tell you. You have to make time. Wake up earlier, stay up later. Do whatever it takes, just train. Make an excuse to train. Sooner or later its not the pumped up froggy music that gets you out of bed, its the determination and discipline that screams at you. Motivatoin may get you in the water, your mind will have to get you in it. Stay froggy, friend.


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              Originally posted by MotoAzRacer View Post
              I know if i just commit to training and preparing myself for Bud/s and the long road after initial training i do believe i can succeed.
              So, then, why aren't you? What is keeping you from putting in the time? I'll tell you, motocross and school are not keeping you from putting in the time. You are keeping you from putting in the time. Like GeorgeS says, you've got to make time. If you make time and you discover you have to sacrifice time from another hobby, then you cross that bridge when you get to it, but if you really want this, then you've got to prioritize it or it won't happen. Find the PTG on this site and follow it to the letter.


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                When i need motivation i listen to SEAL running cadences and i go running, do pull-ups, sit-ups, and worm-up exercises.


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                  Originally posted by Ronald Nalley View Post
                  When i need motivation i listen to SEAL running cadences and i go running, do pull-ups, sit-ups, and worm-up exercises.

                  I to like doing the worm while listening to SEAL cadences.


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                    You don't need motivation. You just have to believe mentally that you can do it and be willing to suffer. If you can achieve that mindset then anything is possible. The way I did it was to raise the bar to an extreme challenge and complete it. With the lords help.
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