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Better PST scores when under pressure

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  • Better PST scores when under pressure

    So I recently graduated from the Naval Special Warfare Orientation Course, and my "pre-reporting" if you will PST scores sucked. But when we were tested there to see if we would be dropped from the course or not, I hit personal bests on all the events except pushups and pullups. The better swim was a little in part because we did it in UDT shorts, but I'm still dumbfounded on how my scores were so much better. Does anyone know why? Was it adrenaline or something?

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    There are a lot of factors that play into ones physical performance. I am no expert on health and fitness but I would say there were some benefitting factors that played into you achieving a better PST score then your last one. Take a look at what you ate and how you slept the night before. I would say that adrenaline did help spike your performance that day but it wasn't the only key factor. Being under pressure could make a fork in the road on how you perform. You have two options. You can either take the pain and forge further or you can drop like many do. It seems like your mental capability was pretty high and you were very focused on getting your scores higher whether you meant to or not.