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    Today at football practice, we were nearing the end and were giving a good set of sprints. After about the third one, one of the lineman was struggling to come back. Some yelled at him from the sidelines to hurry up. However, one new kid at our school said "Somebody help him!" and ran back and cheered him on. I had finished third or fourth so I had enough time to catch my breath, but I was standing there thinking to myself-"Darnit, thats what being a SEAL is all about, a team who works together, if anyone should be out there its me." We than started our next sprints and I did well again, saw him struggling back again, but five of us came to help him finish the last sprint.
    I just wanted to put this out there for those who play organized sports to get ahead of the curve by helping others. Don't suck up to coaches to get that starting role, no matter how effective. My Math teacher played basketball at Wake Forrest and keeps this quote above his whiteboard. "Popularity is a accident, fame is a vapor, and money takes wings; but character lasts forever."