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    Is dropping from BUD/S an automatic death sentence to becoming an undesignated sailor? I have read about being an undesignated sailor and it sounds terrible. It will definitely be a very motivating factor through BUD/S if undesignated is the only option should I not be able to hack it. The navy seems like an amazing opportunity but undesignated sailor seems like you learn absolutely nothing.

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    Re: Undesignated sailor

    Take this however you want to, but my friend who was in another NSW/NSO school had several classmates who were BUD/S dropouts.

    I'm taking a wild leap of faith, but I'm guessing this has something to do with the thread I made on the subject. Whether it does or not , I must clarify that "needs of the navy" does not equate to "lol you failed BUD/S, you automatically get set sent to chip paint now." If the navy says it needs (for example, a bit of a stretch here) more EOD's, then that opportunity is made available to you. If it needs more deck apes, then that's what is in store for you. It comes down to what is required out there, so the end result is different for everyone.

    The only thing I could say is to turn this into more motivation for not quitting, but you seem to be on that already.

    And to clarify one last thing: How good/bad being undesignated is, and what/how much you learn depends on the person. One of my teachers started off as an undes seaman, and he went on to have a successful career. On the other hand, another acquaintance of mine went undes and he hates his life. And even more recently, my good friend just became undes so we'll see how it goes for him. A good, resourceful person will turn a bad situation around wherever he may be. Most BUD/S students are, to my knowledge, all that and more.