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  • What's your story

    Just figured it's be cool to start a post asking y'all what your motivation for doing this is ?Why the teams instead of a boring comfy desk job in an air condition building XD . What's your story ?
    500yd swim-7:37
    Push ups-62
    Sit ups- 57
    Mile and half -8:23
    Pull ups-25
    14yo tx high school track runner & XC runner.

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    Re: What's your story

    My story was a few years back I was given this book when I was about 10, it was on United States Navy SEALs. I don't recall the name of it but when I saw the gear they used and the things they did like blow stuff up and jump out of airplanes, I was instantly hooked on them. I knew this was the job I wanted to be in, then I read about Hell Week. When I read about Hell Week, I was just downed because in my head I was thinking there is no way I'd be able to do that and I just self defeated myself. At the time I was kind of a bigger kid too (just a little overweight). Recently about a year or two ago, I had this big motivation hit happen and I was training day and night to get myself as physically fit as I could be and then I starting reading up on the SEAL teams again. Then I felt like how great would that be to train all day, blow stuff up, jump out of planes, travel the world, and serve my country. It was January 4, 2013 when I made the decision this is something I need to do. Injuries are setting me back pretty bad lately I'm going to have to take some time off to recover. NEVER BE 100% AGGRESSIVE AND RUSHING YOUR TRAINING PROGRESSION


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      Re: What's your story

      My dad was a 30+ year Navy vet. He served with the Special Boat Unit in Vietnam up until after Desert Storm.

      My fondest memory was when he was drilling and the USS Porter was docked close to where we lived at the time. I was in the first or second grade. He took me on board and was saluted with all the bells and whistles. I had to hit the head and the crew took me to the head inside of the ship instead of the public restroom off the ship. I was awestruck and immediately knew I wanted to be in the Navy.

      Fast forward to now, I lost over 100 lbs. and I'm training for my first official half marathon and I plan on pursuing a contract after I graduate from college.

      I'd like to read some more stories, guys!


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        Re: What's your story

        I'm a high school athlete, so the tight team bond has been a part of my life for years now and I really don't want to lose that ever. Secondly, physical exertion is kinda my thing. Pain is more of a stimulus than a hindrance to me, and I hate.... I mean HATE to lose. I honestly don't know how to explain it other than everything is a competition for me. Lastly, and probably most important, I feel like I owe it to my country to serve and protect the best way I can. I see NSW as how I can and eventually will do that.


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          Re: What's your story

          My adoptive parents brought me to this country when I was about 3, and I've always wanted to give back to the nation that has given me so much. I've always wanted to push myself to the absolute limits and I know the SEALs will do that. It's always seemed like it's my responsibility to be the best of the best so I can thank my adoptive parents for sacrificing everything for me, and to make my biological parents proud, even though I've never met them. The whole process of getting to/through BUD/s and being a SEAL seems daunting now, but I know at the end it'll all be worth it.