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BUD/S class 234 episodes

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  • BUD/S class 234 episodes

    Not sure where this topic would fall under, sorry in advanced if this isn't the right place.

    Back in November I watched all 6 episodes of BUD/S Class 234. I had a WICKED hard time finding episodes 3-5 but I eventually found them with some intensive digging. Now I'm trying to re-watch it but I cannot for the absolute life of me, find episodes 3,4,5 and now even 6. None of them. A friend and I have both been 10 pages deep on google, bing and yahoo search engines. I've even went back into my history tabs, clicked the links from last month and those don't even work. Each time I think I find it, it says video not available.

    Does anyone know why or where I can find these episodes? This is absolutely boggling my mind.

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    hmacdonald Sorry to break the bad news, but I only just did a quick search and couldn't find anything online. It looks like your best bet is if you're willing to spend money, you can buy the Discovery Channel BUD/S 234 DVD series on Amazon.


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      ugh, that's just so weird.

      I'm willing to spend the money, gonna watch it a few times.

      Thanks for helping though!!


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        Yeah, anytime

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      Not sure if anybody is still looking for the episodes on this post, but dailymotion . Com has the full series.