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Old man trying to contract.

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  • Old man trying to contract.

    Question, I’m trying to contract as a 25 yr old. My recruiter says I’m going to need top tier godlike times in order to contract at my age. Is the still true or do I have a fighting chance with optimal times? Currently 1 month into full training and preparing. Last time I started recruitment (pulled out prior to contracting became a father) I had a 82 asvab and 3 on c-sort. Attempting to better both.

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    Nah bro you’re good. Good ASVAB. Don’t worry about that. Hit those competitive times and you’re solid. You’re age is not an issue until you’re 28 almost 29.

    Swim: 9:30
    Push: 75
    Sit: 75
    Pull: 15
    Run: 9:30

    Hit these numbers and you have a good shot. Of course higher scores are always welcome


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      Call it motivation. God-like scores are required when you're looking for an age policy waiver.
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        Originally posted by Scott Williams View Post
        Call it motivation. God-like scores are required when you're looking for an age policy waiver.
        We have mini score, 10:30, 50, 50, 10, 10:30

        And then auto qual: 9:30, 75, 75, 15, 9:30

        What would be considered “God-like”?


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          I would assume you should ultimately shoot for officer optimum:

          Swim - 8:25
          Push - 98
          Sit - 91
          Pull - 21
          Run - 8:59


          On the other hand, according to a book called Breaking BUD/S, highly competitive officer scores would be

          Swim - 7:00
          Push - 120
          Sit - 120
          Pull - 30
          Run - 8:00

          I would assume "God-like" would fall under the category of the latter, but I would not set unrealistic goals if I were you. Work on getting autoquals, then worry about officer optimum and beyond. Better yet, just work to do better than you did previously every time you take a PST.


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            I have been totally honest with every navy recruiter I have ever spoken with and I have never been told anything like about how I need "god-like" PST scores to get a SEAL contract. Hmm. 15 pull ups to just get through the door? I don't think that is a realistic expectation of anybody that wants to get a SEAL contract who is no prior service. If the magic number is a Max of 17 pull-ups (it basically is) there have been guys that have their Trident YEARS BEHIND THEM that have had to do significant work to get to a maximum of 17 pull-ups or more. I would love to watch somebody do a 1.5 Mi run in 8:00! That is almost like a world record. Well if you can do that in 8 minutes maybe you should be trying to break the 1 Mile world record.