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undiagnosed ADHD during BUD/S is this going to get my dropped?

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  • undiagnosed ADHD during BUD/S is this going to get my dropped?

    God gave me my strengths, and my weaknesses. I have a very adaptive personality, and truly am blessed with the ability to analyze a situation intuitively. I can scan a room like a cat, and read people like a book. I truly have a knack for body language, and problem solving. However, I also have some weaknesses. I have a **** TON of energy, and am blessed with a knack for leadership and communication. I am quiet but attentive of my surroundings when I am not lost in my own head.

    I was never formally diagnosed with ADHD, but did take Ritalin after I failed first grade for reading issues. My dad has it, and I defiantly display some mild symptoms like forgetfulness, and trouble staying attentive while bored. If I am interested and engaged actively I am hyper focused on whatever task is at hand, but if you put me in a classroom full of 300 people and ask me to pay attention the entire time and I am NOT interested in the subject, expect me to start daydreaming an zone out.

    Will the instructors notice and drop me? Or is this normal for people, and perhaps I am wound up for no reason. I mean I never had an issue while in Navy ROTC and I have passed all my classes since first grade. What do you guys thinks?
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    If you've never been diagnosed with ADHD and you are not currently prescribed a medication for it, then you have nothing with which to be concerned. As far as the instructors noticing a disinterested student, yes they will notice and correct your attention span. But not to worry. Guys get tired and zone out all the time. It's not a drop-worthy offense.
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      Thanks for your input Scott, I resonate with this.