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A discussion about killing: What is your philosophy?

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  • A discussion about killing: What is your philosophy?

    I have the calling to become a SEALs, yet there is something about it that does not feel right. I am not sure if this feeling will ever go away, and I am not sure if it is normal. Death is horrible, war is absolute hell in my opinion. I watched the movie Lone Survivor and was so emotional, no one should have to die like that; no matter what side they were on. I put myself in their shoes, and was taken aback, I could not imagine aiming a reticle onto somebody's face, and then just pulling the trigger. Is that normal?
    It is so frustrating for me because I know that in order to stop the dark forces of the world from killing innocent people, and spreading a ideology of hate; I must become what I hate. ISIS can not be stopped, and the innocent can not be saved without death.
    Is it normal to feel this way? Is it normal to feel so frustrated with death?
    Human life is the most valuable thing that there is. That is why I want to be a SEALs, I want to help out the innocent people in the middle east. I want to be apart of a team that stops the darkness. That passion for life is also what will make it so hard for me to ever pull the trigger.
    Is that normal?

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    Killing is something that nobody should look forward to. If someone did look forward to it they certainly should never hold a weapon and definitely shouldn't be in the special forces, where killing is a part of the job description. What would stop that person from turning on their own teammates just to sate their bloodlust? I'm guessing that's also the reasoning behind the psychological testing that all trainees are put through, to find the crazy people. The fact that you are thinking about this before you're even in training doesn't make you weak or unable, you're thinking about the repercussions of the job that you want. There's nothing wrong with that.
    Killing to protect, to defend people who can't defend themselves, to protect loved ones, to protect your country, are valid reasons to take up arms. Your reasoning is that you want to help stop the darkness that is killing innocents, that is protectiveness, not cowardice. Are you willing to kill if anyone had someone you cared about and was hurting them? had your parents? a sibling? a friend? If it meant that that person you cared about lived, while the person who was hurting them died? Everyone has to come to terms with killing at some point if they want to be a special forces operator. If it means that we have to dirty our own hands to make sure people stay safe, isn't it worth it? Killing, however evil, is necessary when a third party's life is at stake.
    Some peoples opinions might differ than mine but it is an important topic to discuss. I'm glad that you brought up such an important moral topic. i look forward to other peoples opinions.


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      Thanks for your words Mr. Weeks; I hope some more people share their beliefs as well. So how far along are you in your training ?

    • B.Weeks
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      You're welcome. I haven't gone to MEPS yet so not that far. But your post topic is something I think about a lot. If myself or someone I cared about was in a terrifying situation, how would I get myself/them out of the said situation? How would I react? Do I have a weapon? Does the attacker? If this happens, what would I do? What if that happens?
      I visualize an attack and think about different scenarios. (It's better if you have a sparring partner to go over scenarios but not a lot of people are willing to be punching bags where I'm at right now) The visualizations can be complex as terrorist attacks to as simple as a mugging while walking down the street or a home invasion. Visualization is a good way to mentally train yourself if you ever get into a sticky situation. But I only think about it to defend myself or another person. I'm not the kind of person to start a fight unless another person or myself is in immediate danger. When we get into the teams the scenarios are only going to get more intense and with more variables so I practice in my head what I'd do. When we think about it in terms of protecting another person, say a teammate, killing doesn't become an option, but a requirement. I try to think about scenarios where I don't have a choice, to see what it would take to force myself to kill another. Most times it is when my family or someone I care for is in a dangerous situation. I am aware that not a lot of people think this way, call me paranoid or crazy, but I'd like to think its a type of preparation for a worst case scenario.

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      You my friend have a VERY tactical mindset; very cool. I don't think its crazy, you just have a analytical mindset.

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    Thanks. Its second nature for me to do it, but I just thought I'd give you an idea to help with your predicament.


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      Jor, have you looked into AirForce Pararescue? Those guys are bad to the bone and the training rivals BUD/S. Check out a series called Rescue Warriors which is the PJ version of BUD/S Class 234. You'll learn a lot about the initial training and the emphasis they put on the combat medicine side of their profession. Seems like you would fit right in?


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        I've also thought about this a lot. I have wanted to be in spec ops for a long time now. Sometimes I have my bad days where I think of what profession I want to be in. I fully believe that this is my calling in life, and sometimes I get gloomy or depressed when I think about this being a calling of violence. My biggest advice to you is to say the phrase that I tell myself when I get depressed. "This is the world we live in... and there's no running or hiding from it." My family and loved ones back home can't hope, wish or pray enough to make the evil of this world go away. Send me.


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          My philosophy of killing after working in tactical environments and having worked armed positions.

          Evil is all around us, in many shapes and forms, the list goes on and I won't go into detail of it all - we are aware of it as warriors and ready to face it full fledged and to eliminate it - to shed light on to it.

          Human beings are some of the few mammals where our species intentionally prey on our own kind and seek to diminish their way of life - this is different than say a monkey eating a monkey to live, evil doers literally seek to destroy peoples being and to disrupt their spirits... I will use a radicalized terrorist who brainwashes their child to believe they need to strap a bomb to themselves and go out and blow themselves up in name of their god. That is an example of how we prey on our own kind.

          When a spirit inhabits a physical form on this planet and it seeks to do harm to people, that is when killing becomes allowable.
          ever heard the saying " we kill people, who kill people, because killing people is wrong". That is our modern military in a nutshell.

          Not everyone is your ally in this world - in fact very few will be when bullets start to fly. But when it comes to people that intentionally harm people for evil reasons such as to push their belief system on to them or to simply kill them for not believing what they do is simply wrong - and that is when it is okay to kill.

          Contra-Violence is violence used in the protection of SELF, protection of ANOTHER and to ELIMINATE PSYCHOPATHS who prey on their own people for devious reasons.

          As warriors of the light we eliminate those harming others and who attempt to harm us - if you cannot come to terms and accept that reality then you will end up a broken man when you come out of the Teams for the horrors you will witness. I have seen it happen to friends.

          Excerpt from ETHOS
          " By wearing the Trident I accept the responsibility of my chosen profession and way of life. It is a privilege that I must earn every day."

          You accept what the job entails and you are prepared for the consequences. At least myself I never fully accepted the fact that it is okay to kill people in defense of self or another until I was the man with the gun who was hired to protect. Maturity plays a great importance in the journey to becoming a Frogmen and it is not something you should rush whatsoever.

          Regardless if you go become a PJ or a combat medic you will still be waxing evil doers in order to save lives - that is war.

          A warrior or better yet a SHEEPDOG should ALWAYS BE READY to rush into action to eliminate a threat or to protect another lives without orders and without question, if that is not your mentality then re-evaluate your thoughts regarding the military SpecOps. Our modern military needs SHEEPDOGS not men/women that will blindly follow orders - BE SOMEONE SPECIAL!
          "Lord, let me not prove unworthy of my brothers."

          "Ace Ventura: If you were me, then I'd be you, and I'd use *your* body to get to the top. You can't stop me no matter who you are!"

          “Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious... and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” - Walt Disney