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  • My reason for joining

    I joined the navy specifically for getting a seal contract and have recently been listening to podcasts put out by NSW and on one of the podcasts i heard that the reason you want to become a seal is one of the deciding factors of whether or not someone will quit from buds, I haven't given this too much thought and do not even know where to start asking myself why i joined, is there anyone that knows of a way i can find a better reason to cement in my mind of why i want to be a seal other than "it would be cool" i know this is the worst reason I could give other than because i want to kill people and stack bodies, how can I find a better reason within myself to be a seal other than that, I can say to serve my country all I want but I know if I don't truly believe it there's no use in saying it just to look better on a forum or to other people. At the moment I am currently 2 months away from shipping to basic without a contract and currently working out every morning to get better and to get the contract, I've been told I need a better reason to be a seal if I'm going to make it, any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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    You need to look deeper into why you think it would be cool. Everyone who is working for a contract believes it would be a cool job. The difference between those who make it and those who quit is that winners in this pipeline don’t see themselves spending life in any other profession. They also may have experienced several years in a civilian career and realized that’s not the life they want and have spent countless hours visualizing themselves living a different life. “I am going to be a SEAL and I don’t care what it takes.” That mindset is great but again it needs to have depth. Those who make it through buds stay in through the pain of hell week for the brotherhood, the lifestyle and the challenging commitment that it takes to remain in the teams. It’s the desire to earn the title every single day and be apart of something that you have earned and to be willing and able to make a difference in their life...if not me than who?