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  • Scared of failure!

    I'm a 21 year old African American who is very interested in becoming a seal. Im 6'6 150lbs not very active recently, and i want to go talk to a recruiter about enlisting in the navy. Only problem is that im scared to take a step forward and actually take action into doing something i always wanted to become apart of. I know i can push through all the mental torture. I don't know if im physically ready yet. Any ideas on how to overcome this fear or physically get ready for the grit?

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    I’m more concerned about your weight. You’d have to gain 14 lbs before you could join (I’m a female who’s 5’6 and I weight 7 lbs more than you. I think we both need to work on that.) I’d take a year or so and focus on getting in shape. There are tons of resources all over the internet for that. As for the mental part, there is also lots of resources. Even this site. Just google how to prepare and you’ll see a million different ways.


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      Also, you cant be afraid of something that hasn’t happened. Or you’d never do anything, you literally couldn’t exist. You never know. So just chill. Go with it. Roll with the punches


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        First thing to do is take the steps to get yourself physically prepared to go. After I recovered from an injury which required 6 months of no lifting, I put on 20 pounds in about 60 days once I got back in the gym. I am assuming that unless you are a beast of a track athlete, you probably don't have an extensive athletic background due to your weight.

        Your first mission is to do some research and figure out which physical proficiencies you'll need to achieve in order to make yourself an attractive candidate. That is goal #1. Goal #1a is eating properly, and a lot. At your height you should be able to put on 30 good pounds in a couple months if you train and eat correctly. I am no dietician but I think you could put away 3500-4000 cals of good food a day with the proper macro distribution if you regimen your eating properly. Get a food log app on your phone and be religious about logging your food until you know inherently what you're taking in on a daily basis.

        I only listed your training as goal #1 because without training, eating that much food alone will not produce the results you are seeking. But you are also not going to achieve results unless you're eating properly, and at 6'6" 150lbs properly for you is defined as "a lot". The exercise and nutrition are dependent. Take both seriously and be patient. Don't talk to a recruiter until you can perform on the PST, and there's plenty of info as to what that means on this site.


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          Also, candidly, you need to motivate yourself for something like this. If you're relying on others' motivation, and I'm just a candidate myself, you're starting in a massive hole. I was of the position that people who do these jobs were born hard, but then you see guys like Goggins who at one point sounded kind of like you, and regardless of what this guy or that guy thinks of him now, he did achieve his goal. You need to mentally reassess how you're considering this situation. Beginning the "journey" should be the least of your worries. Just my 2 cents. Best of luck.


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            Technically, you never truly fail unless you give up.



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              I mean, you can fail a math test and be dropped... if you mean, in the way of not giving up and studying harder, then you’re right. But if you mean, you can just do 25 minute per mile and just not quit and graduate, no, you can’t do that.

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            According to what I have read on this site and from what I have heard from interviews of SEAL's and from books written by SEAL's, you're never going to be ready for BUD/S. You can prepare yourself, and I encourage you to do that to the best of your ability, but you are never going to be ready for what is unleashed at BUD/S and beyond, so don't hold yourself back because you don't believe you're ready, cause you never will be. You prepare, and then you just have to jump in with what you got and 100% commitment.

            I don't know if you have read Lone Survivor or not, but Marcus Luttrell explains that in his class, there were candidates who were ripped and the leanest, meanest looking guys there but quit only after a couple weeks while the kid that weighs a buck fifty is taking it all like a champ. Physical prep is necessary, but it is not what is going to carry you through training. Discipline and mental resilience will carry you.

            My best recommendation for physical preparation is to consult the Naval Special Warfare Physical Training Guide ( The authors of this guide spent a lot of thought, time, and effort into making this the most effective way for someone to prepare for Naval Special Warfare basing their findings off of classes that have passed through BUD/S and BCS. It is very in depth and worth your time.

            Along with following the NSWPTG, I agree with Trajan_actualthat you should also find a good diet to follow so you are fueling your body for the training while also gaining a some more muscle mass. I would personally recommend lots of fruits and vegetables so that you have vitamins and minerals and some carbs, whole grains so you're getting complex carbs, eggs which will give you some protein and help produce testosterone which will further propagate muscle development, milk which will help give you some bone density to support the increase of muscle mass, beans and fish and almonds will give you your protein to build muscle mass. Beef will definitely give you some good protein, but I would eat it sparingly because of the red phosphates. This is all just me, and like Trajan_actual, I'm no dietitian, but this is what has helped me stay lean and fit at 5'8" 145 lbs.

            I hope this helped and was worth your time.

            Good luck man.

            Edit: Chicken is a good source of protein and carbs as well.
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              Look man, To be a Seal you need
              1.) Strength- It does Not require muscle, but it does take strength. You need to be strong. The guy who's holds the worlds record in pull-ups looks paper thin, and the guy who set the push-up record doesn't look like Arnold either, but they are super strong. You need strength, muscle will come naturally.
              2.) Discernment- Be sure of your self. Do not confuse this for motivation. Motivation is temporary, discernment is sustaining. Understand that this is no easy path, and that to most, unattainable. But not to you. You've put the hundred plus hours in. You've felt pain and pushed passed it. You've set goals before and completed each one. You've gotten the optimum scores on the PST. If You know what you can do, and you know what you're capable of. You don't need any motivation because you are not wondering if you can, or hoping you can. You are SURE you can and no one can tell you otherwise because you put the time in(confidence in your reps).
              3.) Ignorance- Just a Touch of it.- Most people would say it doesn't make sense, it's intense, it's crazy it's dangerous.... And they're probably right. The training, hell, the job, is it crazy? Uh yeah. Dangerous? yep. Intense? most definitely. So why do it? You're 21 and you're brain is not fully developed so you most likely have a lot of this. It might just work to your benefit, but too much is bad.
              4.) Malleability- Be willing to change. If a man is the same at 23 as he was at 18, he wasted 5 years. Be willing to learn and change your habits, your physicality, and the way you think about everything.
              5.) F.U. - Nothing and I mean, NOTHING, is more powerful when a person is able to look at the world and everything in it and say, " F@#% Y*^". Everything will be much easier for you in life in general if you have that capability. If you are able to understand this, and you're in decent shape, you're like 90% there. There are degrees to this, just remember who you surrender to. You've got to have one, you'll understand later.

              Look man, you've got youth, that itself is a huge bonus. Don't go to a recruiter till you can kill that PST. And that you had put in more than enough time to be ready for it. Don't overthink it, and be open minded. And most importantly, F&^# everybody.


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                Only fear, fear itself. Do not live in fear.
                Modern psychology shows that people who overcome fears grow drastically mentally.

                Look at things realistically and eat the elephant one bite at a time. Do not fear what you cannot control. Take charge of what you can and Keep Moving Forward.
                "Lord, let me not prove unworthy of my brothers."

                "Ace Ventura: If you were me, then I'd be you, and I'd use *your* body to get to the top. You can't stop me no matter who you are!"

                “Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious... and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” - Walt Disney