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    If I am in the wrong section to post this I apologize.

    I am a little stuck right now. In the past I have always been gun - ho for the U.S. Navy SEALs. I have recently found a love for driving boats. I am going to pursue my captain license etc. I have been looking into the Coast Guard and SWCC. Out of the two I think the Coast Guard sees more action. I would appreciate some advice, thoughts, and some guidance..

    Thank You

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    I'm coming up on 8 years in the CG. You'll get a lot of radio time in the watch room and training time on the boats before they send you out on cases. And yes, it's mostly vessel safety checks and drug interdiction. If you bust your *** or get lucky you can probably get a job as a heavy weather coxswain. I'm going SWCC. I feel like I'll be happier. But, if you want to be home more often, go CG Small Boats.