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  • More O Course?

    Hi, I was watching BUDS 234 and wanted to know if there are more obstacle training then the just the O course? I remember seeing the 4 episode of 234 and near the end I saw the course and it seemed different. And also if anyone could shed light on the other aspects of BUDS thats not shown on Discovery?

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    It appears to just be the Hell week crawl/run course. If you look on Google maps you'll find it on the beach across from Fiddler's Cove, south of the training center. This includes a rope bridge where the guys hang in the middle and the instructors shake them off into the water. So I guess, yes, it is another tool they use in training. But the O Course is the only one.


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      Fun fact, I recently read in a book, I believe it was Warrior Elite if I remember correctly, that a BUDs class will sometimes have to carry their IBS boats through the O course during Hell Week.


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        There is a water Obstacle course somewhere. It's on Youtube.