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When Should I talk to a recruiter?

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  • When Should I talk to a recruiter?

    I'm very interested in going through the SEAL pipeline and have been training for several months using the PTG and other tools. I'm planning on getting my college degree before I enlist which would also give me some more training time. I'm wondering if I should talk to a recruiter immediately or wait until I get closer to my enlistment date. I've also heard that recruiters sometimes steer people down the wrong track and encourage them to move towards a far from best way to achieve their goal.

    I would greatly appreciate any answers or thoughts on the subject.

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    Wait until you have begun your last year of college. That should give you ample time to train and then resolve any issues when you see the recruiter. Seeing one now would just spin him/her up for no reason and they might try to get you to join before you're ready.
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      Ok, thanks!