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    Okay, this may seem like a **** question, but considering all of the "sugar cookies" made during BUD/S wouldn't the instructors be worried about permanently damaging candidates' eyes because of all the sand getting in them? I'm not really worried about the discomfort, but with all that sand around your eye's you'd think it would be scratching things up in there.

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    I heard if you complain about sand in your eyes that they make you do burpees until it dislodges itself... If that doesn't work I heard surf torture does a good job of washing your face LMAO. The only thing the instructors are worried about is making you quit, if sand in your eyes does it they accomplished their task and get to go home and sleep soundly knowing they weeded out a quitter.

    Nah... you get regular medical check ups during BUD/s and especially Hell Week and I am pretty sure if you have sand in your eyes to the point of discomfort that you'll be able to take a quick minute to go rinse your eye(s) out. Do your best not to slam any sand around them when getting sandy, nobody is gonna mess with you if you didn't get around your eyes sandy, if they do tell them to lead by example and to join in the fun and you'll follow their example
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      Good points, I appreciate it. It's something I always wondered about seeing people freshly sanded, but I also knew they wouldn't do anything that would cause permanent damage to every SEAL candidate's eyes. I actually found this article which says while the cornea can become scratched, it usually repairs itself within three days, and sever scratches are usually only caused from intense rubbing. Good to know!