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    This is a three part question. (I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I wasn't sure where the correct spot would be.)
    I've seen BUD/S Class 234 for the 10th time by now and at the end it talks about the LPO of the class graduating as the "Honor Man."
    I've tried to get information about award but I can't really find much.

    So first and foremost -
    Could I receive this award as at a low rank, or is it for the higher ranking enlisted and officers only, I saw a lot of motivational guys who finished strong and kept their teammates going in Class 234, what determined who was picked in the end?

    I like to motivate people and push them past their limits, help them finish strong and I'll even carry them if it comes down to it, I don't like to succeed as a individual. I remember in football I was given the opportunity to head in early for putting out, and instead of going in early I ended up staying late to run with the guys who were being punished for low grades. After that I made it a daily routine to stay after and take the beating.

    I did this everyday no matter how tired and broken I was - not just to better myself, but to help motivate the guys who had to go through it. I'd like to do the same thing in BUD/S. They say "It pays to be a winner", but I'd like to suffer if my team is suffering.
    (Second) - Do you think instructors would let me do it? If it pays to be a winner and I do win,(I don't fail an inspection or a run time ect.) while their being PT'd, could I join them?

    (Third) When do they start looking at you for the award - does it start in prep school?

    appreciate you taking the time to read this, I know it's a lot of questions, and I hope I'm not out of place to being asking them.

    I've been told before that I should only be focusing on making it through BUD/S, alive. But If I shoot for the moon and miss at least I'll be among the stars.

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    Re: Honor Man

    You say you don't like to succeed as an individual, yet the honor man award is an award given to an individual, not a boat crew or a team. Try thinking about how you could help someone else on your team get honor man. My .2 cents is that you focus on getting to BUD/s and surviving. If medals are your motivation for action, then you should not be going to war.


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      Re: Honor Man

      Based on your questions, You seem like you would be a great teammate, and a great SEAL. Working as a team is one of the most important things to remember during BUD/s. But forget the award. It's a great award, and something I think every guy would love to have (including me), but it shouldn't be a priority. Be a good teammate, and a good leader. In war that's all that counts, not the medals you get when you come home.
      "A Man Can Be Beaten In Two Ways, If He Gives Up Or He Dies." -Richard Machowicz


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        Re: Honor Man

        Really? This one made me laugh. This like me saying. "I think I'm gonna start surfing tomorrow! After I win the 2012 X games what companies do you think I should let sponsor me?" I'm not saying it's impossible or questioning your willpower, but why worry about things that are so far down the road? I'm sure the instructors, and the class in whole, will make sure the person who deserves it gets it.
        Goodluck brother


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          Re: Honor Man

          Originally posted by iamtaliesin View Post
          You say you don't like to succeed as an individual
          I do like to succeed as an individual, I'm sorry I worded it wrong. I don't want to succeed alone, If my team is miserable then I want to be miserable with them. I'm not joining the SEALs to get medals or awards. I'm joining the SEALs because I want be with the best. I want to be challenged for once in my life and I want to work with people who take on challenges the same way I do.

          I know this may come off kind of cocky but it's how I look at things - I may not be the greatest BUD/S candidate ever, however that won't stop me from trying. To me records and awards are just more challenges for me. I don't want them so I can show them off to some chick in a bar, I want them because it proves to myself that I can complete any challenge that I come across. It'll prove to me that I didn't just survive BUD/S, I excelled through it and I helped everyone else in the process.

          My team comes first, it always has and always will, in everything I do. As I said I want to excel and be the best I could ever be, but I want to help everyone on my team be the best they can be as well. If you have the audacity to challenge yourself harder than ever before then I'm not going to let you do it alone.

          I want to get my butt kicked, I want to be as miserable as possible. Because it makes victory that much more sweet.

          I appreciate your answers guys, I'm glad you threw in your two cents. I agree with all of you that medals are not the only reason to go to war. I hope by reading this you understand where I'm coming from a little better.
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            Re: Honor Man


            I've read (In the Warrior Elite by **** Couch, I believe) that at the end of BUD/S, everyone is surveyed for who they think performed the best in all areas, who was the most helpful, etc., and the instructors do the same. The man with his name on top get's the award. Of course, not having gone through BUD/S yet myself, I could be wrong.
            "But the bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding go out to meet it." - Thucydides


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              Re: Honor Man

              Thanks man.