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Leave during BUD/s prep course?

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  • Leave during BUD/s prep course?

    I asked my recruiter about the possibility of leave during the prep course but he was unsure. I leave for basic March 20th and I'm assuming I'll begin BUD/s prep by the end of May or beginning of June. My sister is getting married on June 29th so I've been trying to figure out if there is a possibility of getting a few days leave during the prep course to attend her wedding.

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    Re: Leave during BUD/s prep course?

    I spoke to the Master Chief in charge of the Prep course. The short answer is yes, leave is possible if the loss of training time is minimized. If you were to leave on a Friday and come back Monday, that would be your best shot. I see that your sister's wedding is on a Friday, so you'll have to plan carefully and leave early, assuming you get permission. I wouldn't promise anyone that you'll be there, if I were you, but you do have a chance.
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      Re: Leave during BUD/s prep course?

      That's better news than I first expected. Thanks for the reply Mr. Williams.