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    I'm 18 year old and set on graduating in May. My plan is to workout through the summer, focus on swimming, and enlist in the fall and get a SEAL contract. My parents are pushing for me to enlist this spring so I can leave in the fall. But my question is, when will I take the PST? I know I'll go to MEPs and will have to pick a different Navy rate. Is it then when I would take the test or not until later? I don't plan on enlisting until I have met my own personal goals and standards for the test but my main worry is enlisting too soon and not being ready to get a SEAL contract.

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    Dude just wait. Like you said, stay and get into to the best physical shape you can. You can however start talking to a recruiter, take the ASVAB and get a SEAL mentor. The mentor will be the one to administer your PST. He will train you and help you on everything from your CSS to having the most painstakingly perfect push-up. Also, study your *** off on the ASVAB I can't stress it enough. Good luck and remember, it's you, your life, your dream and your ambitions. Don't let your parents ruin it for you and make you regret enlisting earlier than you're comfortable with. Hope that helps. Good luck


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      Once you enlist, you will be sent to MEPS, take the tests (ASVAB and C-SORT), and be put into contact with your local mentor. What I have been told is that once you are cleared by MEPS and have qualifying scores, you are able to begin taking official PSTs through your mentor. You continue to take these tests and training until you are picked up for a SO contract. Normally you have 6-8 months between enlisting and shipping out with your current contract. If/when you are picked up for a SO contract and sign, the previous job contract become void. Your SO contract will have a new ship date for when you leave for BUDS prep.

      While training with your mentor, I do not think there is a limit on how often you can take the PST. However if you do not get picked up for SO contract before your original ship date, then I believe that you have to ship under your original job. But with 6-8 months to train with your mentor you should be able to get into shape to get the SO contract (assuming you do the work and dedicate yourself).


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        I am contracted SO and will give you my experience. I began the process of taking my asvab online then taking it at a university to confirm my score. Once I got my score sent to my recruiter they ask you if you think you can to the run, push, pull, sit, and swim (this sounds easy, but doing them right after the other makes it very hard for beginners). You cannot PST until you pass your MEPS physical. Once that is done you can ask your recruiter when they go to the nearest PST for your district. They may drive you or you may need to drive yourself. I am very fit and always have been and I ended up contracting my 3rd time PSTing I believe. At the time the CSORT had issues so I did not have to take it for the contract (luck). The NSW coordinator called me and told me I was picked up for SO and that I have to go to MEPS to sign my contract. I signed it there without signing anything else. For my district I have to PST once every 30 days. You will get more info on this as it may be different for others. The training gets much harder once you contract. The PST becomes a joke at a certain point. The real tests begin once you get mock grinder PT and buds prep PT (they are no joke). This all took place over about a 6-7 month time frame. I was in no rush as I am graduating college in May and wanted to finish that first. For your reference my scores are in the July shippers forum. My scores have improved and they always have to or you may be dropped for not improving (if you do not show promise they can drop your contract because they will not waste time and money on a future sailor who shows lack of motivation in such a demanding rate)
        Best of luck.