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What happens if I DOR out of BUD/S or get too injured?

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  • What happens if I DOR out of BUD/S or get too injured?

    Hey so I was wonndering what happens if I DOR out of BUD/S or get too injured will I go the Navy needs or will I be able to choose a job i want. Thank you.

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    Rate selection will be based off of those two factors: Needs of the Navy & your desires as well as qualifications.

    Why are you worried about washing out? I have a buddy who successfully finished this program & he told me not arrive to Coronado planning to fail. Do what you can control now which is injury prevention & Shifting your mindset to the "Commit & stick to it" when the going gets tough.


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      Injuries are something you can't necessarily have control over completely so I have a follow up question. It is my understanding that officer's only get one chance to make it through BUDs. Does his mean that you can't be rolled and any injury sustained by an officer that prevents continuing (even if it is an injury that is roll-able) will disqualify an officer permanently from ever attempting training again. My question summarized is whether officers get medically rolled and whether or not non-roll-able injuries can take away an officer's only chance to make it through BUDs. Thanks.


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        Here is some insight from a BUD/S drop on reddit who is currently EOD:

        "Just **** luck. I was physically injured for a month after BUD/S and couldn't transfer from that command until I was fit for duty. The guys in holding like myself would "game" it by hearing from their friends on the other side what jobs were available at the detailer each week. They would try to stay light duty until a desirable job opened up, then go to the doc and say they feel great and transfer that day. I was so mad at the world that I didn't even try to do that. When I was better I transferred and went to the detailer, and it just so happened a few slots of EOD had opened up and all I had to do was say I wanted it. The SWCC drops who were sitting right next to me weren't afforded the same option, they only wanted BUD/S drops.

        "It's a lot less common now than it was 5 years ago. And even then, only maybe 5% of drops got picked up for another challenge program. Most drops end up with a ****** job in the fleet.

        "In my experience the time you quit really has absolutely nothing to do with what jobs you're offered when you get to the detailer. Big Navy has quotas that come out weekly, and whatever those happen to be on the week you show up to the detailer is just what you're gonna get."