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  • The pipeline?

    I am a little lost because of all of the mixed information I find online. I am just curious about which facilities and training you complete before and after BUDS. Could someone please confirm or correct what I have found so far?

    1. Sign your Seal contract (After the ASVAB and PST of course)
    2. Then you go to the Navy's Basic Training (where you learn about ships, military roles, etc.)
    3. Then you head to NSW Prep (where you get ready for buds. Obviously you show up in shape and ready to go though.)
    4. After all of that you head to BUDS( where you go through the three phases)
    5. Finally there is parachute school

    Again, any help on clarifying the steps of training is much appreciated. Thank you

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    My recruiter told me to download an app called "navy cool". It's got info on every career within the navy.

    I tried to attach a screenshot of the Rating Info Card for SO but it wont let me. It shows the following though:

    School: BUD/S Prep - Location: Great Lakes - Approx time: 4-8 weeks

    School: BUD/S Indoc - Location: Coronado - Approx time: 3 weeks

    School: BUD/S - Location: Coronado - Approx time: 24 weeks

    School: Static Line/Free Fall Parachutist Training - Location: Coronado - Approx time: 4 weeks

    School: SEAL Qualification Training (SQT) - Location: Coronado - Approx time: 19 weeks

    Although I'm sure this is fairly accurate, there may be updates that haven't been put on the app so if I'm wrong about anything, someone please correct me. (For example: When I read Breaking BUD/S, I could have sworn he mentioned that "BUD/S prep" is formerly "BUD/S Indoc"??So why they are on there twice is confusing me. I'm going to be reading that book a few more times anyways, but if someone could clarify that with me, it'd be much appreciated! I'm partially assuming that means Basic Training since its in Great Lakes??)

    It also shows info on each of the "schools" and what is done at each stage.

    But even after one gets their trident there's still immense amounts of training. For example: In the book "The Finishing School" he mentions that after they get their trident they immediately go to Kodiak Island in Alaska for cold weather training.


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      This should answer most of what you are looking for, if not all of it.
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        You can save yourselves the trouble of figuring it out by reading this website, which is the official site for and by Naval Special Warfare Center. If you have questions after reading, contact me.
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