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  • slowsplash
    started a topic Water treading

    Water treading

    hello guys, so i ship the 23 of May and i cannot tread water with my hands out of the water longer then 1min let alone with a brick. I can tread forever with my hands under the water but not with them above, my question is, will they teach me proper techniques to tread with a brick in Buds Prep? and how long do they make you tread water with a brick in buds? thank you.

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    I sent you a private message, which should help.

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  • fargo007
    I can only speak for the guys I'm shipping and I have no knowledge of any official requirements. But I can tell you what I am doing with the guys I coach.

    A conditioning progression across many workouts could occur like this:

    Initially we try to just tread with eggbeater. It's absolutely mandatory to tread using a correctly executed eggbeater kick. It doesn't matter how great you think your treading is going.

    If you're not doing the eggbeater kick, stop now. Come back and read the rest of this when you've learned it. Seriously.

    ================================================== =======================

    This is week by week, not one workout.

    Then, we go hands up, hands down on the minute, every minute. Move the needle each week - 5, 10, 15, working eventually to 20 minutes of this with no issue.

    Then, pyramids. 1 min hands up, 1 min rest. 2 min hands up, 1 min rest. 3 min hands up, 1 min rest.

    If you are at this point, you're ready for weight. We circle up.

    Knot tying. At the surface, while treading. (hint - your hands are busy!) Tie the three non-cinch knots on demand.

    We toss a 10# medicine ball to each other. Two hand toss, two hand catch. Ball stays dry. When you get the ball, you say the next letter of the phonetic alphabet. "Alpha!" toss... "Bravo!" toss.... You should know this anyway before you ship.

    Then we do songs & hyms. National anthem, pledge of allegiance, etc. Say a verse with the ball overhead, then pass it.

    I kind of believe that if you are going into the Navy/USAF/USMC/Army, you should know the defining song or hymn for your branch. We do the first verse of every hymn in representation by a candidate training with us.

    Eventually the end game is to be able to pass a tread that works like this:

    10# dive brick.

    :30 brick down (underwater)
    :30 brick dry, right hand
    :30 brick down (underwater)
    :30 brick dry, left hand
    :30 brick down (underwater)
    :30 brick up, dry in TWO hands (ears above the water too)
    :30 brick down (underwater)
    :30 brick up right hand
    :30 brick down (underwater)
    :30 brick up left hand


    And with a weight 10-11# weight belt, be able to tread for 30 minutes. This itself is a fantastic full body workout.

    I can't overemphasize that this is clearly a progression. You don't start out in the middle with this, and God forbid the end.

    If you get to this point, treading will be a recovery activity for you.

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  • jnom97
    Hey Fargo007,

    To piggyback, how long should a candidate be able to tread with his hands out of the water using the eggbeater? > 5 minutes? > 10 minutes?

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  • fargo007
    You don't have a lot of time, and you've left a critical pipeline skill that is not easy to develop wait until the very last minute. WHY???

    I suspect you are not using the eggbeater kick. This is absolutely what you need to learn how to do in order to be able to tread with weight. It's categorically the most efficient way to tread, that's why it's the only technique used by water polo players. I have a three part series on youtube that breaks this down and provides drills for learning it.

    Fargo007 is the channel name.

    The eggbeater kick is difficult to learn and seldom comes easy. It's about the same learning curve as when you were a young boy learning to ride a bicycle for the first time.

    You should have come here a long time ago. You would have found help with plenty of time.

    I'm not trying to get at you, but if others see this and are leaving treading as an afterthought, in the strongest possible terms I urge you to please reconsider your approach.

    Good luck, but you've left me no choice but to call this a very tall order. You have two to three months worth of work to get done by May 23rd.

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