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How to enter the training pipeline?

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  • How to enter the training pipeline?

    I am looking into becoming a navy SEAL, and I have a few questions about entering the training pipeline. Here are some of my questions: What do you tell them at MEPS in terms of job selection/how do you sign up for the job? Do you go to regular bootcamp first? How do you get a contract? I really am most confused on what you do during the job selection portion of MEPS to enter the SEAL pipeline/job training. Any answers will be appreciated.

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    1. you tell them whatever job you want and qualify for its not going to matter if you get a SEAL contract. you sign for your job at MEPS
    2. yes regular boot camp WITH a SEAL contract in HAND. if you dont have one DONT GET ON THE BUS
    3. take the PST and get selected for a contract