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How to enter the training pipeline?

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  • How to enter the training pipeline?

    I am looking into becoming a navy SEAL, and I have a few questions about entering the training pipeline. Here are some of my questions: What do you tell them at MEPS in terms of job selection/how do you sign up for the job? Do you go to regular bootcamp first? How do you get a contract? I really am most confused on what you do during the job selection portion of MEPS to enter the SEAL pipeline/job training. Any answers will be appreciated.

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    1. you tell them whatever job you want and qualify for its not going to matter if you get a SEAL contract. you sign for your job at MEPS
    2. yes regular boot camp WITH a SEAL contract in HAND. if you dont have one DONT GET ON THE BUS
    3. take the PST and get selected for a contract


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      If your not having to wait on any waivers or anything and your prepared just get with your recruiter and get your PSTS done, I've been having to wait to get mine so that i can go ahead and get in the pipeline you shouldn't have any problems moving forward if your ready!


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        You are being profiled on here FYI. Show them you take initiative and read the website in detail before asking questions that you can answer by investigation, and by observing the resources provided for good reasons. Call the 1-800-USN-SEAL # and ask questions or phone a local recruiter. Or read the plethora of info provided on SEALSWCC.Com homepage...

        initiative is everything, before you ask simple questions take the time to do your due diligence and research and read the info provided out of respect for those who took the time to create it for YOU.
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