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vegan navy SEAL?

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  • vegan navy SEAL?

    I want to be a navy SEAL but I've also been a vegan for 3 years, i meet all the other standards but i'm worried that I'll have no choice but to either quit or eat animal products. I'm worried if i eat meat I'll get weak again, before i was vegan i was bench pressing about 200 lbs, and now im benching 400 lbs-- which gives you an idea of how much more my body has been capable of doing since I've cut out animal products.I only need one supplement that I can't get from vegetables (because the animals also take the B12 supplement), and although being a SEAL is my dream, i will not eat animal products.
    Does anyone has any information on if I can bring my B12 vitamin, or if I'm allowed to bring snacks to BUD/S?

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    you can go through vegan BUT DO NOT TELL ANYONE

    i have read this a thousand times over in so many books. the other guys will make fun of you until you quit. establish yourself as a bad *** first and even then keep it on the DL


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      I would say you could go through without eating meat although it will be harder, but as the person above me said, keep it quiet, they will mock you for it and think lower of you. Also if you are planning on becoming a seal as you've probably heard before, don't lift weights. It will weigh you down during the soft sand runs and will make it harder for you to lift the boats/logs on top of your pre-existing body weight.


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        It comes down to what do you care about more, maintaining a strictly vegan diet, or becoming a SEAL. I hate milk with a passion. But if its all I got you can bet your *** I'm downing that *****. There will be a lot of instances where you will have to eat animal products or starve. Not eating makes you weak and unprepared for whatever lies ahead. It makes you a liability, the absolute last thing you want to be in an extremely difficult selection course, let alone a real world mission. So it's time to weigh your priorities. You will probably/maybe be able to eat strictly vegan 60 - 70% with no difficulty. The rest is up for grabs. Either get comfortable eating animal products when you have to or think of another career.


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          They say "absolutely no supplements" in BUDs


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            I don't think it's possible that you'll be able to reach the calorie demand with vegetables alone. Meat, eggs, fish, cheese, butter represent the most calorie dense foods that exist. It's already well documented that those who succeed are also by and large, those who stuff their faces, so you're adding a very steep uphill climb to chances of success that are already 1 in 5 as soon as you walk in the door. I wish I had a different answer but I can't find a way to come to terms with this approach succeeding.