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  • A couple questions:

    Someone lay it on me and be honest....

    - Joined the Navy in 2011, just turned 27 in June
    - Rating is an MA, currently an E-4
    - Overall ASVAB score I believe was a 44, could've definitely been better I know
    - Looking to put in a package to try and go out for SWCC

    I've always heard different stories about age not being a DQ as long as you show out on your PST, had a sit down and talk with a former SEAL and I told him all of this info. He said the only backlash I may hear is my command not letting me go though I'm sure it could definitely be different, what's your advice for someone like me?

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    Three significant problems: You have 8 years time in service, which is more than our six-year limit, plus we don't need your year group (2011). You will need to retake your ASVAB to earn consideration. On the upside, your age isn't the problem for SWCC since our limit is 30. I recommend you contact the SWCC ECM and have a frank discussion.
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