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Denied entry into all specwar programs

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  • Denied entry into all specwar programs

    well I was going to go AIRR then SEAL, but the AIRR medical team denied me because of 2 past drinking tickets. Currently no specwar programs will take me. So, I have to serve two years in the fleet to prove to them I

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    For some reason this didn't post everything I typed. My only question is, does anyone know of any jobs I can easily leave the fleet after 2 years to go Specwar? I knew a guy who served in regular navy for his entire contract because his package he constantly sent in was always denied. Clean record, he just couldn't get out of his job.


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      I think I need a new recruiter. The relationship between us is awful and the trust is shot. I sat with him yesterday going through potential jobs and all he's focused on is filling a slot that is undermanned. He literally printed a list of every job in the navy and circled all of the undermanned ones and told me those are the only ones I can do, which is horse ****. I know I have a record, but at this point not only is he not doing his job, he's making it blatantly obvious. Absolutely ridiculous. Every job he suggested to me, I said no because there is no convert out opportunity. All we were able to come up with at this point is PACT.

      First thing, I want to be a Navy SEAL and I want to be one as soon as possible. That is my number one concern here, getting in soon. Life happens fast and time flies. I am ready to go now, but do not know how much longer I will be ready to go. Who knows what might happen 2 days or 2 years from now. I could become a quadriplegic after a car accident. Who knows.

      What we came up with is going undesignated through the PACT program. Its an apprenticeship program designed to give me the opportunity to learn about all sorts of rates before I choose my rate. A pro to this route are that my 2 years in the fleet starts sooner than any rate in the navy. A school is only 4 weeks long. So, if I left today then my two years in the fleet would start virtually in 3 months. A con to this, is that I'm undesignated and would be doing the ********* of all possible. I'd be taking out trash and swabbing the deck when my real job is supposed to be an apprenticeship. I'd be doing this work until I become an E-3, which is when I'd be able to actually choose a rate.

      Any opinions on PACT? Anyone know if I can convert out? It does not say anything on the convert out opportunity on that website..


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        Do NOT join on PACT. Recruiters hype it up but it just means you do not have a real job and will be doing everything a BM does. you have to wait 2 years to apply for a rate and from my understanding cannot go straight to a SPECWAR rating from PACT though that may be inaccurate.
        I was just like you when I first joined, wanting everything to happen now, so this is my advice. slow down. like really slow down. You are not required to pick any of the jobs they offer so if he is not helping you just go to a different recruiting station and tell them the rates you are looking at. keep in mind they are recruiters as well so they may try the whole, "well that isn't open right now, choose XYZ" but again, you don't HAVE to choose anything. stick to what you want so that you have the opportunity to convert out as quickly as possible.


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          Yeah, I really don't like my recruiter. I was seriously considering it.. and even after I brought it up to him saying, "every single person has told me its a trap" he denied it. Told me its his, "favorite program in the Navy" lol I'm sure it is. Not only that but he keeps trying to push me to go Aviation if I don't go PACT. Which Scott just said is usually a trap. He was a BUD/s dropout and I've made his life hell because I'm not letting him take advantage of me so I have a feeling he's trying to set me up to fail. Right now I'm trying to go either Engineering Aid or Equipment Operator. It says NSW pulls from both of those, so I guess I'll be a Seabee for now. Just know I'm not done though, I'll make it to and through BUD/s sometime in the near future. I appreciate the responses from everyone.


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            Originally posted by Scott Williams
            .... You can examine the community summary or overview sheets of all rating enlisted community managers here: Just choose a rating group from the left column, then a rating. Then click on the community overview sheet. On the bottom right of every sheet there is a box which has the ECM's comments. Look for "convert-in/out" opportunity. Focus on the "convert out" part. Also look at the graph showing the manning in the year groups. The trend will tell you what to expect in the near to mid-term. For instance, if you came into the Navy in 2015 as a yeoman, your convert-out opportunity is great since the rating is over-manned for that year, but right now they are undermanned, so don't choose YN as your rating. Personnel Specialist is very balanced and would likely entertain a convert-out request. RP looks decent; MC is a little dicey and has a long A school, so I don't recommend it; Supply ratings are closed to convert-out, so avoid them. Some of the cool sounding jobs like Gunner's Mate and Aviation ratings are traps with no convert-outs. Do your homework and make a smart choice.
            ^^^^^^This needs to be listed in every recruiting station^^^^^^

            So important to do your own due diligence - my recruiter told me that going crypto I would be able to convert out. Four years later I'm stuck holding the bag, although I had enough intuition to go to the reserves, which it seems has less strict manning requirements (relative to active). On the community summaries there should be some information on FY20 EPA - which should give you a decent guideline on what the manning level will look like in 2 years (when you likely want to convert rates). I'm unsure if you can't contact the ECM yourself, but it may be frowned upon. The best information I've ever gotten was when I called the ECM, but I'm also already in the Navy.

            Good luck, and keep in mind that you should always measure twice, cut once. Also, absolutely avoid intensive A/C Schools, and almost anything in IDWS because they're trying to ramp that portion of defense up.