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Official Podcast Now Posted!

The Official Navy SEAL & SWCC podcast, "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday", is now posted in the Downloads section []. Hear from real, active duty Navy SEALs, SWCC, and key support staff from NSW as they talk training, requirements, ethos, and more. Hooyah!
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OPSEC Guidance for Facebook Groups

Download and follow the Naval Special Warfare Command Facebook Operational Security (OPSEC) Guidance PDF.

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December 2017 Shippers

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  • December 2017 Shippers

    Contracted SO Ship Date 12/13

    Swim: 8:10
    Push Ups: 69
    Sit Ups: 102
    Pull Ups: 19
    Run: 9:38

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    SO shipdate 12/13
    Swim: 9:09
    Push ups: 73
    Sit ups: 75
    Pull ups: 15


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      SO ship 12/13

      Swim: 8:58
      Push: 87
      Sit: 84
      Pull: 19
      Run: 9:58

      Y'all made a page or group chat yet?


      • thespacecowboii
        thespacecowboii commented
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        What was your Csort?

      • LGM35
        LGM35 commented
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        Honestly not sure. Apparently, it doesn't pull as much weight in the selection process as it did before.

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      Contracted SO shipping 12/13

      Swim 8:34
      Push 95
      Sit 78
      Pull 18
      Run 9:30

      ASVAB 98

      We could make either a Facebook or Instagram group chat, whatever works best for everyone.


      • Mossy
        Mossy commented
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        Yep, I've been having the same problems. It's like there's no box to type in when I hit "private message."

      • LGM35
        LGM35 commented
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        Exact same problem here

      • jfny
        jfny commented
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        Scott Williams I wanted to private message you about something but it is not letting me. It appears I am not the only one unable to send private messages either. Is there a fix for this? Thank you.

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      Contracted SB shipping 12/13

      swim 9:45
      push 70
      sit 75
      pull 12
      run 9:30


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        Contracted SB ship 12/12
        Swim: 7:52
        Push: 57
        Sit: 56
        Pull: 15
        Run: 9:47

        ASVAB: 95
        *Note: scores have improved since contracted


        • Jhove
          Jhove commented
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          Hey I'll be starting my official testing soon and was wondering how you contracted with 57/56 for push-ups and sit-ups? Not disrespecting the scores, you said you've improved but those seem lower what most people say they've been getting contracts with. Is it because of your swim time?

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        For the life of me, I can't figure out how to start a new post. I'm trying to post in the "Waivers" section, and ask how long an N3M medical waiver should take to get through San Diego MEPS. Could someone PLEASE help me???


        • Roboscout 302
          Roboscout 302 commented
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          Waivers depend on the needs of the service & what kind of condition/history you have. If you don't mind me asking, what do you need a medical waiver for?

          I heard medical waivers do take time. I know guys who waited in little as hours to days & all the way to months to get approved. Just being patient & positive is your best bet.

        • greyman
          greyman commented
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          I had shoulder surgery in college- no screws or implants or anything, just arthroscopic SLAP repair. Apparently my paperwork right now is in a "Med Read" at San Diego MEPS, which I've heard is very backed up. Any idea on how long a Med Read at San Diego MEPS should take? Thank you

        • Roboscout 302
          Roboscout 302 commented
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 medical read took literally a day then I did my physical the next week. Maybe you should call your recruiter & ask when/if it's getting done.

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        Contracted SO - shipping 12/13

        Swim: 9:22
        Push: 115
        Sit: 84
        Pull: 23
        Run: 9:31

        ASVAB: 88


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          Guys who want to be on FB group: I constructed it & now waiting for people to join. I put the privacy of the group on "Closed Group" so you can look it up & I'll add you. I will change the privacy to "Secret Group" once we have a little more people join. The Name of the group is NSW December 2017 Shippers.


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            Hey fellas, trying to get in contact with you all but having trouble finding the link Roboscout 302 is talking about. Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks


            • Roboscout 302
              Roboscout 302 commented
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              If you're on FB, look up NSW December 2017 Shippers.

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            Contracted SO - Shipping June 2018

            Contracted my 3rd PST with these numbers
            Swim: 9:43
            Push: 96
            Sit: 82
            Pull: 20
            Run: 9:00

            Not shipping in December but I recently signed my contract

            To those of you leaving in December, kick some a**


            • Ethan C
              Ethan C commented
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              pst last wednesday:
              swim: 9:18
              push: 95
              sit: 103
              pull: 18
              run: 8:27

              I can't believe I actually found someone else still in highschool waiting to ship, can't wait too see you out there!

            • FutureFrogman1576
              FutureFrogman1576 commented
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              Ship date changed to 20180730 unfortunately, and same man i'm super excited. What state are you coming from? i'm from CA.

            • Ethan C
              Ethan C commented
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              Not sure of my shipdate yet, will be either july or june. Im coming from Fremont CA
              update: shipdate JUL30
              Last edited by Ethan C; 11-27-2017, 01:18 PM.

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            Good morning guys, I'm disappointed to announce that due to an unfortunate life circumstance, I will no longer be shipping. I won't go into detail about it other than I wish everyone here best wishes in whatever endeavor you choose to pursue. I'll be offline for a while....


            • CoalTown
              CoalTown commented
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              Sorry, brother. Best of luck to you.

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            Originally posted by greyman View Post
            For the life of me, I can't figure out how to start a new post. I'm trying to post in the "Waivers" section, and ask how long an N3M medical waiver should take to get through San Diego MEPS. Could someone PLEASE help me???
            It takes forever, sometimes. It's a bottle-neck and there's no way around it. You may have to wait months. Be stoic.
            Navy SEAL & SWCC Scout Team

            "The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission."

            John F. Kennedy
            35th President of U.S. 1961-1963 (1917 - 1963)