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Post BUDS recovery/PST

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  • Post BUDS recovery/PST

    What is the expected PST scores after or towards the end of BUDS? Also I know that a large majority of graduates have serious injuries, do they give you time to recover before SQT or what is the procedure to deal with injuries.

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    I'm no expert on this, but I'm almost certain there is no PST after BUD/s. The PST is for you to get into and be physically qualified for BUD/s. Now I do know that during BUD/s you have separate timed 4 mile runs and I think a 5 mile ocean swim with fins. But once you get to BUD/s, there is no PST. If you get a serious injury during BUD/s, you get pushed back to the next BUD/s class and do it all over again.


    • Roboscout 302
      Roboscout 302 commented
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      On the injury part, you don’t necessarily get pushed back to the start if you’re injured. What I mean by that is it varies on which phase you are in training.

    • joshasmith990
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      What happens if you were to graduate BUDS with injuries?

    • Quicksilver17
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      Yeah I probably should've clarified on that part but yeah like Roboscout said, if you get injured in first phase, you do first phase all over again. If you've already completed first phase and get injured in second phase, you would get rolled back to the beginning of second phase... And if you graduate BUD/s with injuries? Well you won't have to do BUD/s all over again if that's what you're asking. I've heard that if you get an injury during BUD/s and you can hide it well enough so that the instructors won't notice, you can go through the whole thing without getting rolled back. But then again, that is not recommended at all. But they'd probably wait for you to get medically cleared before you continue on to SQT.