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July 2018 Shippers

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  • July 2018 Shippers

    Contracted SO Ship Date 7/30

    Swim: 9:43
    Push: 96
    Sit: 82
    Pull: 20
    Run: 9:00
    AFQT: 81
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      july 30
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        I know 5 other guys shipping out on July 30th in my boat crew i'm going to try to get us in some kind of group chat.


        • FutureFrogman1576
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          I'm with the San Diego District over in IE

        • Ethan C
          Ethan C commented
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          From Fremont but PST in mountain view

        • mjkj0521
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          oof. guess were pretty far. im in the new england district.

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        July 30



        • FutureFrogman1576
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          Great numbers man. What district are you from?

        • Collinjh2034
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          Thanks bro. Syracuse

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        July 30th


        Charleston, SC district


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          See yall there


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            Shipping EOD (fleet returnee)



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            Thanks! For anyone trying to get into a SW/SO pipeline from the fleet they expect these numbers so for those of you coming in from the civilian side DONT QUIT lol it will be much harder to come back for a second chance. Also you will hate life on a boat x)


            • AZ2023
              AZ2023 commented
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              Great deal. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on landing this opportunity, especially coming from the fleet. Do you know of anyone who was previously rated Navy Diver who successfully got orders to go SEAL and transfer/do a lateral move?

            • Lazerman77
              Lazerman77 commented
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              Hey man, im going to try to go Fleet to SpecWar pipeline. I havent shipped yet but its kinda too late for me to get a contract. I wanted to ask someone who just did this, how long were you in the fleet before you got picked up? What was the process like? Any tips to make the process go by quicker?

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            I know one guy who is trying to go from Diver to Seal but not sure where he is at with the process; haven't seen him around the pool in awhile. The easy answer is that it depends on your year group and ECM and all that, and I'm sure other people will tell you that diver is a no-convert-out rate and they are technically right HOWEVER I will say that in the Navy there is a way around almost everything. If you have outstanding PST scores, evals, asvab, good conduct, etc and you get hooked up with the right people you have a good chance. Can I ask are you already a diver or waiting to ship out to dive school or what is your situation?


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              Sure so first off why is it too late to get a contract? If you haven't shipped out yet you can keep trying; remember they can't force you to do anything until you ship out. If your PST scores are the only thing holding you back I would get out of DEP and try again later. Explain maturely to the recruiter that your want SEAL and you won't go to boot camp without a contract. You and you alone control how you go into the Navy and don't let them intimidate you into thinking you have to do it their way.

              That said, if you are set on going into the Fleet first the best thing to do is pick a rate that it will be easy to convert out of. The aviation rates are easy to get and most of the time you won't have a problem getting released. Stay away from rates like HM and MA as you will be stuck in the fleet forever. Then when you get to your first command work hard and kiss ***, don't get in trouble and pick up collateral duties. This will ensure good evaluations from your chain of command which are crucial to being selected. And get your main warfare pin as fast you can. A secondary pin would be even better and really help you outshine your peers. Specwar won't take people who can't perform well in the Fleet - if you can't do the little jobs right why would they give you the big jobs? No matter how good your PST scores are they wont matter if the board sees you as a bad sailor. The fleet sucks but you will also have a lot of fun and see some crazy s**t and in port you will get a lot of time off so stay positive and look forward to hitting the gym every day after work.

              Ive been in the fleet for 3 1/2 years. You will probably do at least two years before you can apply but it will go quick especially if you deploy. As for the process it's pretty simple, just matter of getting the paperwork together to submit. This can be very time consuming and frustrating but knock it out one step at a time and you'll get there.

              Sorry for writing you a novel lol but I hope this helps


              • b16fy
                b16fy commented
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                Hey 'work', I dont mean to jack the thread but I had a question regarding your contract. I'm a reservist facing similar issues that you had to face, and I wanted to get an idea of what made you competitive enough to get picked up. I guess a consultation of sorts?

                We have similar PST scores
                97 asvab
                I'm almost done with my 4-Year degree
                Solid/average evals
                Support from my command

                My issue is with the "fleet performance." I'm not in the fleet per say, but I'm a reservist (ship date, 2014). As a reservist there aren't *many* opportunities at my duty station to excel and get outstanding evals that set me apart. Given I also cannot pick up deployments etc because unlike active duty I have to maintain my civilian life as well(school, career).

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              So I'm not really sure about the reserve side but there is a lot you could do to get more competitive. Your asvab will put you ahead of alot of guys, so you should focus on racking up quals especially DC and 3M cause those are easy to get. Get some more ribbons M16 if you don't have it already or the volunteer ribbon if you don't mind putting in a bunch of volunteer hours somewhere. Letters of rec from Team guys will be crucial. If you can get some time off work request TAD to a ship for a few weeks or months and get more quals and your warfare pin while youre there. Basically the board just wants to see things on paper proving that your a good dude who cares about the Navy. You'll have a tougher time of it than the ACDU guys but you still have a fair shot as long you don't have any misconduct on your service record. What's your rate?


              • b16fy
                b16fy commented
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                I'm a CTN (cryptologic network technician). Working on my Information Dominance pin now, also already have my security clearances which I would imagine is a plus.

                No misconduct what so ever. Only negative on my record is a prt failure that was the result of an injury (and failure to submit paperwork), as I was training 7 days a week and competitively training jiujitsu.

                I volunteer at my local recruiting station, and also do funeral services. That doesn't translate but it reflects positive on my evals. I remember specifically I had an oppurtunity to get downrange with some seabees to get qualed, but unfortunately I didn't understand at the time.

                My major worry is I feel as if I'm running out of time because they're looking for guys in my year group, and I would hate to miss that window.

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              Then just go for it man put your package together and submit you've got nothing to lose and no real reason why you wouldn't be picked up. Guys get lucky all the time, if they decide they want you they'll take you that's all there is to it