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Questions + PST scores

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  • Questions + PST scores

    Hey, I'm a 16 year old and I live in CT and go to an all guys prep school. I've wanted to be a SEAL ever since I was 11 and I started training seriously when I was 13. As of right now my PST scores are as follows:

    Swim 500m: 7:49 (no fins)
    Push-ups: 73 (2 minuet time limit)
    Sit-ups: 88 (2 minuet time limit)
    Run 1.5 miles: 8:27

    Anybody have any tips/advice to give me? I'm trying to decide wether I should go to college and try and become an Officer or if I should just enlist when I'm out of high school and 18.

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    Re: Questions + PST scores

    Your run and swim times are really good just get your strength up for your push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups. If I were you id get at least an AA at least, thats what I am doing and im 18, it gives you a lot more preparation time and it builds maturity and discipline having to deal with a job, training and college.
    My UN-official PST times are:
    Swim- 7:23
    Push-ups- 107
    Sit-ups- 110
    Pull-ups- 25
    Run- 9:00


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      Re: Questions + PST scores

      Those times are great man! And yea the strength has been a problem for me but I don't know why. I go running every morning and do 20 minuets of literally non stop core and calisthenics every morning. And ok thanks for the tips RAB.