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When is the next ship date after the late May dates?

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  • When is the next ship date after the late May dates?

    Long story short, I didn't stay on top of my recruiter enough and they didn't submit my waiver request soon enough for me to train with the local NSW group. My PST scores are fair, and won't be shipping this time around.

    When is the next SO ship date?


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    Myself and another are shipping SO July 29, I would imagine this is the next date for everybody.


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      What were your scores and where did you contract out of?

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    Fitz, what is your weekly mileage looking like being you are just over a month out from shipping?


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      Weekly mileage currently hovers around 25, depending on the week. Been following the NSW PTG on this site and am currently on week 20, planned it the best I could so that I'd finish with the 26 weeks just before shipping. I don't have full control over how my running turns out week to week because of mentor sessions, but I do my best to keep to the guide outlined in the PTG. This week I'm shaping up to get 30.3 miles, but that is a little more than usual (week 20 in the program would have me at 28.4). My 10 weeks prior were: 24.2, 20, 24.1, 20.7, 22.7, 22.5, 18.8, 23.8, 24.2, 22. If you're familiar with the PTG, keep in mind the runs from the SI and LI workouts are higher intensity, so overall mileage is not really the best gauge. This week I was able to get a lot more lower intensity miles. The week I only logged 18.8, there were a lot of higher intensity sprint workouts and I also had a PST. Additionally I took a PST practically every one of those prior weeks I listed minus the most recent 24.2, so I was almost always short a few miles according to the PTG since I could never really fit in a proper run LI workout those weeks.



      Shipping out of New York,
      PST = 8:30, 98, 78, 20, 9:35