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CG Reserve going SWCC in August

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  • CG Reserve going SWCC in August

    I am coming up on my end of enlistment on August 29th and plan to sign papers with the recruiter in July. With this said, how much time am I looking at before they pick me up for training? I started a PT regimen in March in hopes that I can bump my numbers to be ready for the PST.

    Mon: Swim/Fin
    Tue: Pull up/Push up
    Wed: Core
    Thu: Swim/Fin
    Fri: Pull up/Push up
    Sat: Run
    Sun: Rest/Yoga/Breath holding exercises

    I was a prior swim team member in high school but haven't been in the pool competitively for 10 years. (And I feel it) Will deep sea breathing exercises help with the pool training later?

    5'8" 143lbs. 28 y/o
    Swim: 8:00
    Push: 63
    Sit: 85
    Pull: 13
    Run: 9:30

    My current numbers aren't stellar, but I have dreams of getting into the parachute program. So I'm training my *** off.

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    even with those numbers you should get picked up your first few pst's but it wouldnt be too difficult to get that push to 80+, and the pull to 18+. then your at auto qual numbers.
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